3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Officials say the soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier in what is being described as an insider attack.
1:47 | 06/12/17

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Transcript for 3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Thanks, guys. We move to an insider attack that left three soldiers dead in Afghanistan. Officials say they were killed by an Afghan soldier raising questions about the war as president trump considers sending more troops and Martha Raddatz is here. Martha, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. Right as the white house is deciding whether to send more Americans into Afghan, a devastating attack on U.S. Soldiers. Apparently by one of the Afghan soldiers they are there to assist. The Afghan soldier opening fire on the Americans, two were killed immediately. The third after he was evacuated. Another American was also wounded. This is one of the most dangerous provinces in Afghanistan. 3 other Americans were killed there this year. We have about 8400 Americans still in Afghanistan and president trump is weighing whether to add several thousand more. Commanders are said we are in a stalemate there but in the past president trump called for the U.S. To get out and certainly, George, these most recent deaths and the massive suicide bombing in kabul will be taken into consideration. Yeah, he seemed -- When he makes his decision. He seems reluctant to go there. On another front a U.S. Air strike in Somalia against islamic fundamentalists. Part of a new mora grestive policy under president trump. It is. We have 50 in Somalia advising this was a drone strike targeting an Al shabaab and logistics camp that left eight dead. The president said part of it was active and the U.S. Military is now allowed to carry out air strikes if there is a reasonable certainty no civilians will be hurt, George. The new standard. Martha Raddatz, thanks very much.

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{"id":47981295,"title":"3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan","duration":"1:47","description":"Officials say the soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier in what is being described as an insider attack.","url":"/GMA/video/us-soldiers-killed-afghanistan-47981295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}