U.S. State Department Issues Terror Warning For Sochi Olympics

American citizens are warned about the growing concerns over potential further attacks in Russia.
3:00 | 01/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. State Department Issues Terror Warning For Sochi Olympics
Susan, our thanks to you. We turn to the travel alert for americans planning to attend the sochi winter olympics in russia next month. There's been growing concern that terrorists could strike during the games after several recent attacks around the country. Abc's tier rit radia is there with more. How worried should americans be? Reporter: Good morning, bianna. There's no specific threat to americans right now but with this latest string of attacks across the region, the fear is that the olympics are the next target. For americans headed to the olympics next month, a new warning to the state department, be on the lookout for terrorism. In a travel alert issued friday, the state department urges americans to be vigilant, especially on public transportation. The warning says there's no sign that americans are being targeted but it follows several attacks near sochi. In october, a suicide bomber detonates aboard a bus in nearby volgograd. Seven are killed. Two weeks ago, two more bombings in the same city hitting a train station, another bus killing dozens more. And this past week police found booby-trapped cars, their drivers mysteriously murdered in nearby stavropol. After doku urged his followers to attack. Typically they're not held close to regions that harbor terrorists. That's a real threat. Reporter: They're confident russia will be able to pull off a safe olympics. President putin ordered a massive security plan known as the ring of steel. Tens of thousands of troop, anti-aircraft missiles and a massive surveillance program. The u.S. Says it's ready to help. We welcome any efforts and willingness and openness to cooperate around the olympics. Reporter: So far they haven't requested any assistance but the fbi is sending agents to the game just in case. Some from team america aren't taking any chances. The u.S. Ski team has hired a private firm to evacuate them in case of an emergency. And one more warning from the state department. Cautioning americans about russia's anti-gay law. Anyone thought to be promoting homosexuality could face jail time. A couple reasons to worry if you're making that trip. Thank you.

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{"id":21498201,"title":"U.S. State Department Issues Terror Warning For Sochi Olympics","duration":"3:00","description":"American citizens are warned about the growing concerns over potential further attacks in Russia.","url":"/GMA/video/us-state-department-issues-terror-warning-sochi-olympics-21498201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}