U.S. Student Arrested in Roommate's Stabbing in Rome

Police say a New Jersey native was stabbed 25 times by his best friend and roommate
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Student Arrested in Roommate's Stabbing in Rome
And we now turn to that bizarre attack on an american college student in italy. Echoes of the amanda knox case. Police say the new jersey native was stabbed 25 times by his best friend and roommate after a wild night of halloween partying, allegedly including heavy drinking and drug use. And now the suspect says he has no memory of the attack. Abc's jeffrey kofman has more now from rome. Jeffrey. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. It happened in an apartment just around the corner from the coliseum here in rome, for the second time in five years, an american student studying in italy charged with a horrendous crime against another student. This time just seemingly by just a miracle, that charge is not murder. This morning, 20-year-old reed alexander skepis accused of stabbing his roommate 25 times in a drug-fueled delirium. It started on halloween, reed and his friend partying late at this roman nightclub. He told authorities he used drugs for the first time that night, mixing ecstasy and alcohol, although hashish was found in the apartment. After the two friends returned from the club to sleep off their wild night, he allegedly went into his sleeping room at dawn and stabbed him while his sister and her boyfriend heard the screams and ran to yep. Incredibly, he survived. The story on the surface sounded like some sort of drug-induced either psychosis or hallucination. Reporter: He told abc news every time his friend was named reed became profoundly upset and cried while apologizing for what he had done. The irony of all of this, it happened exactly five years to the day meredith kircher was found brutely stabbed to death in the room she shared with amanda knox. Knox and her boyfriend sollecito had allegedly be partying that night. The decision was overturned last october and both set free. This morning, he's in a hospital here in rome recovering from surgery to among other things, a stab wound to his lung. Meanwhile, skepis has been released to house arrest to an undisclosed location.

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{"id":17641707,"title":"U.S. Student Arrested in Roommate's Stabbing in Rome","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say a New Jersey native was stabbed 25 times by his best friend and roommate","url":"/GMA/video/us-student-arrested-roommates-stabbing-rome-17641707","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}