Severe Winter Storm Moving East

East Coast bracing for storm that has slammed much of the country.
2:47 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Severe Winter Storm Moving East
the blast of snow and cold that is making a mess of the morning commute for much of the country right now. Sam is tracking it all for us right now. Good morning, amy. Good morning, everyone. It's not just the snow and ice and cold you're talking about. When you add in the storm, it's more than 1,100 miles worth of storm, from the great lakes to the gulf coast. We'll start this morning with one of the tornadoes in mississippi and louisiana. We had them popping there. You can see it in the light area, across the field, the twitter pictures. The idea that four tornadoes possibly in that zone. We know that three have been reported. Now, we're looking at storm damage that is eerily similar to a tornado in that east texas area. Looking at storm damage that came in overnight. It was strong, gusty winds. And the possibility of a tornado. In one county, sabine county, texas, where a woman was killed when a tree limb came down in her home. To the north, you see the winter watches and warnings still out. Chicagoland got their biggest hit of the season so far. 3.1 inches of snow. But that's a lot for an area that hasn't seen snow and hasn't had it. One of the places buried with snow, we're talking about kansas city. And that's where ginger zee is this morning. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: You don't get piles of snow like this in kansas city often. They had more than nine inches. Some of the biggest snow they've had in years. It happened from kansas to nebraska, now this morning, all the way to wisconsin and michigan. This morning, as the mammoth snowmaker marches east, it is sending cars sliding. And watch this bus as it tries to turn down this street. It fishtails and slams right into a light pole. In kansas thursday, the deluge of snow led to this rescue Planes, too, at a standstill. This one in wichita, dug out by hand. It's a mess out here. It's really a mess out here. Reporter: And it's not just how much snow is falling. But how fast. At times, up to three inches per hour. Then, there's this. Watch as lightning illuminates the skies in missouri. Creating a relatively rare winter combo. One that we caught on camera. That's thundersnow. Ready? This morning, more than a fifth of the population in 20 states is waking up under this winter blanket and being urged to stay off the roads. Ginger zee capturing the thundersnow. The storm is developing so rapidly. You get a intensified cloud development. That creates the lightning and thunder. It's more likely to get it in the thunderstorm. There's a new system that shoots off from the energy of that big one. That means it's a mess for the weekend in parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic. We'll go over who gets what so

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{"id":18564600,"title":"Severe Winter Storm Moving East","duration":"2:47","description":"East Coast bracing for storm that has slammed much of the country.","url":"/GMA/video/us-weather-report-severe-winter-storm-moving-east-18564600","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}