US woman stranded in Turks and Caicos speaks out

Cali Rockowitz, from Los Angeles, was visiting Turks and Caicos with her mother and brother when the Category 5 storm hit and remains on the island.
4:00 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for US woman stranded in Turks and Caicos speaks out
Back here on "Gma" a special edition we are following all the breaking news on tropical storm now Irma as it moves north. We want to talk to Kelly rockowitz. It was a category 5 storm then. They are still stuck in the Turks and caicos. Now, can you hear me. How are you doing? Yeah, we are doing all right. We're a lot luckier than the majority of this island, so that's good. But it's been surreal to see what our trip was a week ago compared to what it is right now. It's like a whole other -- Certainly not what you signed up for. But you know you rode out the whole category 5 storm. Did you have a choice? Could you have gotten out of there? So, we found out -- we found out how bad the storm was going to be probably the day after we arrived here and not only did a bunch of us at the resort inundate the airlines and U.S. Embassy and everything trying to get planes -- just two extra planes to get us all out of here, we had people in the states and Canada as well calling all the airlines and embassy and anything they could to get us out but we couldn't so there was just a moment where we realized that now we start planning and now we start just preparing for the storm because there's nothing we could do at that point. So, but we got very lucky. Like our resort specifically got lucky but this island is a mess. We've been donating a lot of our clothes and toiletries because it didn't stand a chance. What was the most frightening moment for you and your family during the storm? The air pressure and the noise that was coming from outside, it was -- I feel like it -- I just can't believe that that happened. Like there were -- every tree here is demolished. There's just the noise from outside. It was unreal to hear the destruction that was happening when we're in this tiny little box and anything could happen and out of our control at that point, so -- Cali, help people understand. We've been so focused on Florida rightfully for the last 24 hours but the entire caribbean. I assume you've been able to get around and describe the scale of the destruction in the Turks and caicos. So, a bunch of the staff from this resort has been venturing out into the rest of the island to -- because 50% of the staff -- their houses have literally been picked up and put into the ocean. So a lot of them, they just have sinks and it's -- everything is leveled so we've been giving them our food rations and giving them our -- gave them a bunch of clothing so it's -- it's -- I haven't ventured out yet because they say it's not quite safe for guests yet. He this don't know the damage but this hotel has been working to try and -- one of the shelters was a church and it -- the whole front side of the church was just taken off and people were inside. Sorry. Any sense of when you'll be home? We booked flights on about three or four different airlines hoping one would stick so right now at this moment we don't know when we're going to get out. 90 Canadians tried to get out yesterday via a humanitarian plane or a plane holding provisions and medical personnel but they wouldn't let the Canadians on to travel back because there wasn't proper security to fly to the U.S. Hopefully you'll be able to get home soon and glad you're doing well and that you're doing what you can to help those that have been most affected. Good luck. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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{"id":49761987,"title":"US woman stranded in Turks and Caicos speaks out","duration":"4:00","description":"Cali Rockowitz, from Los Angeles, was visiting Turks and Caicos with her mother and brother when the Category 5 storm hit and remains on the island.","url":"/GMA/video/us-woman-stranded-turks-caicos-speaks-49761987","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}