Usher's Son Nearly Drowns in Pool: 911 Call

Usher Raymond V reportedly got his hand caught in a drain at the bottom of the pool.
4:49 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for Usher's Son Nearly Drowns in Pool: 911 Call
Right now, we begin with the latest on the 5-year-old son of singing star, usher, recovering in a hospital this morning, after nearly drowning when he was sucked into a swimming pool drain at his home. Abc's steve osunsami reporting from atlanta this morning. Good morning, steve. Reporter: Good morning, robin. A sensitive situation at the hospital behind me. The child of a celebrity here. We hear that usher has been by his son's side. And that the boy is lucky he survived. What's the address of your emergency? I need the ambulance. Reporter: The woman struggling for breath and begging for help on these 911 calls, is r&b singer usher raymond's aunt, who was at home sunday. My nephew was in the pool. He went and I couldn't get him. I wouldn't get him. Reporter: The singer wasn't there. But his 5-year-old son, usher raymond v, had his hand caught in a drain at the bottom of the family pool, reportedly trying to get at a lost toy. He was about to drown. Aunt rena oden dove in after him, and so did the housekeeper. Two contractors who were inside, ran to help, freeing the boy. But he wasn't breathing. Who is doing cpr on him? They're doing cpr on him now. Reporter: One of the contractors who administered cpr on the side of that pool is being credited this morning with saving the child's life. Is he breathing? Is he breathing? He's breathing, yes, ma'am. The ambulance is here. Reporter: This isn't the first time the grammy award winning singer has found his family hardship making headlines. Just last year, he was forced to face the death of his former stepson, kyle glover, when the 11-year-old died in an awful jet ski accident. In the days before, the singer spoke with robin about the joys of parenthood. What are you hoping to impart on them? No one knows your child like you do. And it's taking the time to actively be there. It's a day in/day out process. I'm doing it every day that i possibly can. And being the father to them that my father was unable to be to me. Reporter: What happened to usher v could happen to anyone. And it has. The consumer product safety commission reports that nearly 80 people were injured in pool drains over a 10-year period. And 12 have died, most of them children. In this government safety video shows how strong those pool drains can be. Experts say the solution is schism. A drain cover to keep a child's air or arms out of harm's way. At public pools they're now required. There could not be an entrapment. Reporter: This morning, it's not clear if the pool had a safety cover over the drain or how long the child was under. Usher's divorce was a bitter one. He sued for custody of his two children and won. But after this accident, we're hearing all kinds of reports that his ex-wife has called for an emergency custody hearing this week. Robin? Okay, steve. We're going to bring in abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. We heard steve talking about public pools. What happened yesterday was in a private pool. There's legislation to help prevent this from happening. There's a federal law that applies to public pools or pools at hotels, et cetera. And it was specifically intended to prevent this type of accident. Meaning, a child getting caught in the suction of a drain. And there's really two main purposes behind the law. Number one is to ensure that the drains are the proper type of drains. And number two, to make sure there's a way to turn off the system. One of the problems that we've seen in case after case, is someone gets caught in a suction and there's no way to turn off the pool. And so, that's another one of the requirements in this new federal law. And knowing where that switch is, especially if you have a home pool. And if you do have a pool in your backyard, you have some covers here. I mean, how do you know? The most important issue, as you can see on these, is all of the new drains these days are made domes as opposed to flat. You saw on the video we were just watching, that a lot of the older drains were flat. As a result, they can get completely covered by someone's hand or hair or something else like that. The idea behind having the domed covers, is that you can protect against that. But one of the most important things is making sure there's upkeep. Meaning, you could have a perfectly good drain cover, like this one, which is domed, and it can be broken or in disrepair. And that's a really big problem. It's not just having the right equipment. It's also making sure that the upkeep is there, as well. Great things to keep in mind, dan. Let's get back to sam with

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Usher Raymond V reportedly got his hand caught in a drain at the bottom of the pool.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19891068","title":"Usher's Son Nearly Drowns in Pool: 911 Call","url":"/GMA/video/ushers-son-drowning-911-call-audio-singers-aunt-19891068"}