UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial: Guilty Verdict

Dan Abrams on the second-degree murder verdict in the trial of George Huguely.
1:11 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial: Guilty Verdict
An -- -- those jurors split the difference they didn't -- the first degree murder the prosecutors wanted or the manslaughter. The defense and -- -- and split the difference on the sentence as well -- could've gone up to fifty years even on. The second degree murder charge alone actually -- sixty years including both charges with regard to larceny. But I think the defense has to walk away from this and think of this as hard as it may be for them. As a bit of -- win. This is a guy who admits he was in the room with his hands around her neck admitting it effectively that he beat her. She ends up dead in that room. That's a very very hard place to be as a defense team as a defense attorney. When you walk Whittle away with a 26 year sentence in the state of Virginia. It a case like that. I think the defense team has to be -- still a big sentence that does he have any real grounds for appeal he's gonna argue that they didn't get to make enough. Arguments with regard to cause of death. -- the judge excluded certain. Witnesses certain arguments they wanted to make -- regard to how she might have died but I don't think it that's going to be a significant issue and I don't think they're gonna win an appeal.

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{"id":15773295,"title":"UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial: Guilty Verdict","duration":"1:11","description":"Dan Abrams on the second-degree murder verdict in the trial of George Huguely.","url":"/GMA/video/uva-lacrosse-murder-trial-guilty-verdict-15773295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}