UVA Murder Trial Presses On

Defense team for George Huguely trying to show victim in an unflattering light.
2:48 | 02/18/12

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Transcript for UVA Murder Trial Presses On
-- -- -- Yardley love this star lacrosse player at the University of Virginia. Was killed by her boyfriend but the defense is putting -- some interesting new visual evidence this morning and they could be resting their case today. ABC's Reno nine and one of our newest ABC news correspondents joins us from Washington this morning -- good morning to you and welcome once again -- ABC news. Thank you so much -- it's great to be here at the defense team has been trying to prove that while the University of Virginia lacrosse player may have been out of control. He never -- or even thought about killing Yardley love. For weeks the prosecution portrayed -- glee as an alcoholic. With a violent temper. Friday the defense tried to show he wasn't the only one with a violent streak and that the relationship was always rocky he was out of control. But he never meant or never thought he killed Yardley love. The defense showed the jury video taken from -- restaurant's surveillance camera. The night before Yardley love died. She was holding hands with George -- legally laughing. And chatting up his family she believes and to lean and the sorrow -- and that evening took the stand describing love is very sweet. A nervous looking U -- listen to the testimony. His immediate family and the largest numbers yet filled up three rows in the courtroom the defense also brought a forensic expert. While he did not test the -- for DA today. He claimed he could not find evidence of -- had been thrown against part of the -- Taken from her bedroom. Testimony which contradicted the prosecution's medical witnesses claim. That the damage done to her brain could not have been self inflicted but sometimes we. You have a battle of the medical experts -- sort of cancel each other out. And you look toward something like video. Of Yardley loving George jubilee interacting this could play an important role in the jury deliberation room. Two girls who were high school students at the time visiting the University of Virginia were act -- with apartment a few nights before love's death they also testified. One of the girls saying she some love hate Hugh -- with her purse and said she was quote angry. And then asked the girls that they had been texting -- glee super what's the defense team likely to try -- prove in their closing arguments. This was an unfortunate. Tremendously unfortunate accident they also are going to want to show that the medical evidence casts reasonable doubt that it was blunt force trauma that killed Yardley love. Although the court wrapped up early Friday after only two hours of witness testimony. Because wanted to -- -- defense attorneys was sick the judge says he wants the trial to move forward without delay. It's also possible George -- boy's father could take the stand.

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{"id":15743482,"title":"UVA Murder Trial Presses On","duration":"2:48","description":"Defense team for George Huguely trying to show victim in an unflattering light. ","url":"/GMA/video/uva-murder-trial-presses-15743482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}