Save Money on Last-Minute Vacations

Genevieve Shaw Brown shows how to save cash on a last-minute trip.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Save Money on Last-Minute Vacations
You may have thought you can't take a vacation this year. You may have put it off until last second. Big deals and steals for just "gma" viewers. Great getaways with travel and lifestyle editor genevieve shaw brown. This is the shoulder season? What does that mean and why it works for us who have waited? You may have thought the most wonderful time of the year is the december holidays? It's right now. Cheaper air fare, fewer crowds. This is the best time to get away. So I want to hear, can we start -- what's the first one you have? You have a destination for art lovers? So, santa fe, new mexico, a great destination for art lovers. The la posada desanta fe offering a great deal. Within walking distance of 200 art galleries. An on-site curator. If that's not the place you want to be, maybe you're a beach person, like me? Some deals on the turks and caicos. It's very expensiexpensive. This is on one of the world's best beaches. 50% off room rates. Free water sports. Free kid's club. A big savings. The smallest accommodation is 140 squ 1400 square feet. The final one is a person who is looking for a city, urban-style get away. You want to browse the galleries and maybe shoth shop. The pacific northwest. Port lapd. This package from the nines. A boutique hotel, part of the luxury collection, they're celebrating portland's quirkiness. So much fun. This is at the nines, a break from $170 a night. And there is -- is there an extra one you have? Absolutely. Windham orlando grand resort. Kids under 5 eat free. Righear the theme parks. A shuttle to disney. We squeezed as many as we could. Go to our website.

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{"id":17141980,"title":"Save Money on Last-Minute Vacations","duration":"3:00","description":"Genevieve Shaw Brown shows how to save cash on a last-minute trip.","url":"/GMA/video/vacation-budget-save-money-last-minute-trips-17141980","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}