Vacationers Go Hollywood With Personal Paparazzi

Many travelers are hiring a personal photographer to document their vacations.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Vacationers Go Hollywood With Personal Paparazzi
We're going to talk about a new vacation trend we're just hearing about. Travelers taking about their own personal photographer to capture the memories. Our weekend rancor bianna golodryga checked out the personal paparazzi. Here's what she found. ♪ Holiday ♪ Reporter: Ah, summer vacation. For millions of americs, it's time to set out on journeys, full of fun, adventure, and lots of photos. But until recently, vacations that cost thousands of dollars were captured on cameras that cost just a few bucks. Perfect. Everybody look here. Reporter: Aly hopkins says vacation photos shouldn't be an afterthought. And that's why she makes a living traveling vacations for families on the outer banks. Usually, there's one person in the family who is used to taking photos. It's most likely that person who hires us, so they can be in the photos and have memories with their families. Reporter: Allie's clients are part of a growing trend, americans paying for vacations to be professionally photographed. It's like personal paparazzi. This is our first summer with our baby granddaughter, julia. Special moment. And we need a special photographer to capture the moment. Reporter: The results of the professional shoots, say alli's clients, speak for themselves. Clean, crisp, blur-free images. Ideal for holiday cards and online brag books. Facebook and twitter are a big driving force. People want to create the illusion that they're having the perfect vacation. Reporter: The internet is full of package deals, ranging in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Photo packages are available all over the world. From disney resorts to the quaint streets of paris. That's where the snyder family of kansas caught up with a company that travels the globe to capture vacation memories. Yeah. It's a nice way to remember our trip to paris because when we grow up, we can show our kids that we've been to paris. And paris is a really pretty city. Reporter: For years, the snyders told us they relied on the kindness of strangers to take vacation photos for them. We ended up grabbing a stranger. And asking them nicely to take a picture. Usually, they do. Usually, it doesn't look very good. Reporter: Then a few years ago, they got an idea to hire a professional photographer on a vacation to florida. The result, a series of beautiful and often romantic images. We decided to follow a vacation photo tour right here in new york. For $175 a person, the photographer mark samuels leads tours on a private three-hour tour, taking photos along the way. We caught up with mark in "gma's" backyard, times square. I hear we're going to have a photo tour. Mark's tourists for the day, bejanica and john, a brother and sister from belgium. They have their cameras and video recorders. Why, then, hire you? It may not be properly lit or composed. Too many people. Reporter: I decided to find out for myself if a professional touch makes a difference. Stay right there. I want to capture this. Here's my photo of them in times square. Here's marc's. Maybe I shouldn't quit my day job.

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{"id":16976675,"title":"Vacationers Go Hollywood With Personal Paparazzi","duration":"3:00","description":"Many travelers are hiring a personal photographer to document their vacations.","url":"/GMA/video/vacation-trends-vacationers-hollywood-personal-paparazzi-16976675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}