Bertinelli Makes Soup, Dishes on 'Cleveland'

The actress talks about the third season of TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland."
6:39 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Bertinelli Makes Soup, Dishes on 'Cleveland'
We are delighted to have Valerie -- -- it back on GMA in the new season. Of the award winning hit sitcom hot in Cleveland starts tomorrow night and today we're going to be cooking with Valerie ends well but. We always have so much we wanted to talk to about you think. Enough time ever a time I the third season as an -- I hate that this season finale last year it was so hysterical you guys have a little. Too much to drink -- mountain but little a couple of quick clip for people completely -- want to see it this is. Betty white's character is on the lamb with her husband. -- ring Don Rickles yes -- well. -- -- Oh we were searching -- guest house for clues and I noticed you had written on a pad next to phone. So I took a pencil I certainly appreciate up at the impression and that's when I realized it was a souvenir pencil. Come out. Came here you. We want to blow your cover but your message really worried us -- hi -- -- -- I shouldn't have set -- in this -- Might get we've actually this before and not our viewers that was one and number one question they said. How do you not laugh. All the time that's all the red light and hope cap that's -- we do in fact I think one of my favorite shows that we aired last season was -- all blooper show I thought that at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get a kick out of it I just love it. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- he has not edgy show by any any stretch imagination but he'll take on some really. Different and controversial subject matter that I -- humor you can pretty much talk about anything these days you know and the look at the politically incorrect or correct it doesn't really but you'll have a real charm of and -- -- we love it. Men but the the the one question that I know that you get asked me over and over again and I'm gonna ask you you dancer a star as everybody wants to know for some reason if you're gonna do at some point. I you know I -- I watch it almost every season and I -- again just this last season and it's a lot of fun to watch -- The third week ever and here's the writing campaign and I and I just I I'm -- it'll -- hard. The -- and it always looks like fun and I'm believe me I'm dancing her whatever when I'm watching the show up on the treadmill and it's a lot of fun we even doing another -- you do -- and I have a significant. Fan favorite -- this one of those people that we have always liked it knew about the girl next door I come here how can I get -- -- that you know what I'm glad you're coming up with a one year anniversary. And all that good stuff. And people also are -- the fact. That you have always been a beautiful person thank you and that you have maintained this weight loss this was something a goal of -- and it wasn't just losing it. And that's -- question we get asked and asked over again how do you maintain. Its way. It's from who keep your body moving about how old you are and food in moderation and I know I'm gonna show you one of the -- and an ending -- an inning after Thanksgiving and my little. I think on but -- this new product for -- -- cookbook that yes I have a new cookbook that's going to be coming out next. Next -- probably doesn't take a lot of obvious together a -- is this is. This takes me hours to do at home so because as with the Thanksgiving leftover Turkey we -- broth going and here I believe yes OK so what -- -- is he sought today. A little bit olive oil company over -- -- yet with the can't -- that's really great tip because this I love that can't keep -- -- calories so little sock tape Rick then I'm end. Salary days. You saw -- add up real real good. I facilitate in this hand and then I just for the broth over a good idea and then let the process of bubbling and -- it -- -- -- -- you add the carrots. And -- out. And while other important that -- really good athletes and mom are best cup again. He got to make the meatballs. But do -- think this is and I think it's a solidly set up for you but it takes a lot of kind of -- on the -- Turkey but they -- that if it's so worth it but it goes quickly -- -- -- -- fuzz is a -- the very -- -- Ground Turkey you -- Again sought today. Some onions from fully books on tape there and that you get those onslaught take you throw that in the bowl and then you have any resident said after -- -- best thing you add. Italian. Bred crowd thank you -- -- -- And an egg. And then OK I have my rings on right now so I'm not gonna get real -- Had an affair but then you get in there and you did. Get in there with your hands and -- and then -- start. Just -- many balls really small I liked them really really small and these are these are really great too but I -- you know little bit smaller but that you're. Does this stuff because she's amazing parents Karen excuse -- OK so these get all done and then. As they get -- you throw -- in -- one at a time and date and say you don't have to cook them the holy Grail and they get cut and in there and then you eat. At the very and Connecticut that don't add add the -- cold Turkey meat from your left over. Thanksgiving Turkey and added to the -- at the end because you don't get to string me I look into the very ingested warming up and then -- -- But the little bit of my son chance basics like. It was. Amazing how it flew off of our website really people could not get enough but it doesn't really it's it. I've heard other out I cats as jobs and Valerie -- Josh hijacking. And into the start on that he's not my problem how can -- -- -- About portion control -- about -- -- that has conceived as a lot like your -- London can you can make party you're with regular -- but I like to keep a light version of and -- salt and pepper to taste -- I don't like out a lot of salt. I like people out there on Tel plus the parmesan cheese and he thought that at some like -- me about -- yes it's. It turns out it's really really a good inventory and -- and -- -- this when he was sick I'm learning more room and my husband looks at some panic -- -- -- it. Anyway so worth the effort yet it -- And you know suddenly -- all that money up -- -- -- -- -- -- this year and there are -- vote kicked -- so let's look now on connecting communities. Credit she is -- according. A ballet thank you think they'll listen to all the success happy anniversary coming here or anywhere we want you are right. Hot Cleveland premieres tomorrow night on TV land and you get the boundaries -- particular ball -- I'm going to let on our website at Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! hardly -- -- -- fifties isn't it I'm telling you don't. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15046721,"title":"Bertinelli Makes Soup, Dishes on 'Cleveland'","duration":"6:39","description":"The actress talks about the third season of TV Land's \"Hot in Cleveland.\"","url":"/GMA/video/valerie-bertinelli-prepares-turkey-meatball-soup-dishes-season-15046721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}