Valerie Harper's Memoir 'I, Rhoda'

Actress famous for role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" releases new book.
4:20 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Valerie Harper's Memoir 'I, Rhoda'
She won four emmys as rhoda on "the mary tyler moore show." And now, valerie harper is making a splash again in her new book "i, rhoda." She reflects on 15 years in show business. And you were supposed to be with us last monday. You weren't feeling well. You were hospitalized. I wonder how you're feeling. You look fantastic. I'm feeling great. I had done a bunch of tours for the book. Every ten minutes, you do an interview. And I had done 12 or 15 of them in the morning. Went late to rehearsrehearsal. Was rehearsing away. And it was as if I had novocain. I thought, what the heck is happening to me? And my husband, thought -- yes. And went to the hospital. And they couldn't find much of anything. That's a good thing. It was. Definitely not a stroke, as tony had feared. And I'm waiting test results. And we are hoping the best for you because you write candidly in the book about your other health scare. You had lung cancer. You made the decision at the time to keep quiet about it. Why are you speaking out about it now? At that time, I was playing tallulah bankhead, who was a smoker, drinker, cursor, wild woman. For which, I was nominated for a tony. At this age, it was great to do. But I thought, this is not going to be good for comedy. If the audience is out there worrying about their rhoda. Yeah. Tony and I decided -- you were going to keep it quiet. And then, it's great fodder for a memoir. And tell people to get tested. Women, women who don't smoke, have got to get tested. I would saved from chemo and radiation. You write about so much in the book. A lot of it, of course, about what you're most famous for, your character rhoda, on "the mary tyler moore show." We wanted to do a recreation. We have a surprise caller on the phone for you. Surprise caller, would you like to say hello? Hey, val. How are you, darling? It's me, mary. You can say hello back. Oh, my god. Speak to me. I'm speaking to you. I'm overwhelmed. It's so dear of you to call in, my darling friend. How are you feeling? I feel great, thanks. How about you? Fine. I was at the hospital. They checked me out. Oh, this is so charming. Thank you for calling in. I'm just so touched. I just want to wish you well with the book tour. I'm sure you're going on one of those. I know you do. You always have wished me well. Yeah. In every way, you have. How often do you get to see each other? I see the emotion in your face. Not nearly enough. We see each other, from time to time. Not enough. We were last together at betty white's birthday. HER 90th -- WAS IT HER 90th? I don't know. She's had so many of them. I remember when she was 90 1/2. We'll let you all talk during the commercial break. Mary, thank you for calling in. It was so good to talk to you, val. You, too, my sweetheart. Good luck on the tour. Yes. Thank you so much. I hope -- we'll be going to several cities with the play. And while I'm there, I'll do book signings. Okay. Good. Maybe I'll see you then. That would be great. Okay. Bless your heart. Thank you, thank you, for everything you've done for me. It was so good talking to you. Oh. Two lovely ladies, still the dearest of friends. I love her. That's beautiful television. Thank you, valerie. Best of luck on your book tour. Thank you for having me back on. And on this wonderful day, inauguration day. It is a historic day, indeed. This is unforgettable. Thank you so much. Coming up here, we have taye

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{"id":18271039,"title":"Valerie Harper's Memoir 'I, Rhoda'","duration":"4:20","description":"Actress famous for role on \"The Mary Tyler Moore Show\" releases new book.","url":"/GMA/video/valerie-harper-interview-memoir-rhoda-18271039","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}