Valerie Harper Joins Cast of 'DWTS'

75-year-old actress is excited for "Dancing With the Stars" despite her terminal cancer diagnosis.
2:16 | 09/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Valerie Harper Joins Cast of 'DWTS'
about, valerie harper. Earlier this year, doctors told her she only had months to live. Now, she's putting on her dancing shoes and headed to the ballroom. We sat down with valerie to discuss it all. It's a privilege and an honor to welcome valerie harper. Reporter: With her megawatt smile, valerie harper lit up the stage like only she can. Announcing to the world that she's joining the new cast of abc's "dancing with the stars." We have been praying. We have been wishing the very best for you. Yes, it has. How are you health-wise right now? The brain scans that you get every two months are looking better and better. Reporter: Valerie's spirit remarkably unbreakable. My husband but told in january, she has three months. Maybe, maximum six. Well, I'm way past my expiration date. Reporter: After a diagnosis of terminal cancer changed her life forever. When the smoke clears, I'll be standing. Until I'm not. And I'm ready for that, too. Reporter: Standing strong and thriving, she is. Valerie, who became a household name after starring on the beloved hit sitcom, "the mary tyler moore show." I came to minneapolis because of the cold. I figured if I was frozen I'd keep better. Reporter: Is defying the odds and doing so well, her doctors gave her the all-clear to cha-cha. He said, get off the couch and walk. I've had a great response to the medication. Reporter: Valerie hopes her turn on the dance floor will inspire anyone going through hard times and shares a motto she holds dear to never stop moving. With grateful for each moment we have. But more than anything, live it ful fully. If you don't, you're cheating yourself of your own life. If you're worried about dying, you can't be in the moment living. Now, it's the power of life. And be in it and live it. And in that moment, you might dance. That's great. It was apparent she was having fun. She is the light everywhere she goes. So much wisdom. And the power of now. We saw so many people coming yesterday. She, full throttle yesterday. She puts everybody at ease. Can't wait for the season.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"75-year-old actress is excited for \"Dancing With the Stars\" despite her terminal cancer diagnosis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20163368","title":"Valerie Harper Joins Cast of 'DWTS'","url":"/GMA/video/valerie-harper-joins-cast-dwts-20163368"}