Vanessa Williams on ABC Thriller, Belief in Supernatural

Former "Ugly Betty" star chats about her role in ABC's new series "666 Park Avenue."
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for Vanessa Williams on ABC Thriller, Belief in Supernatural
Happy to see you. Happy to see you, too. We're all really excited about "666 park avenue." Finally. Sounds like a gorgeous address to live at. But I'm guessing it costs you more than money to have your sanity, maybe even your life. Vanessa williams will play a spooky role, the gal befell in love with on "ugly betty" and "desperate housewives." This is a fun role for you, i would guess. I don't want to scare people off with the genre. There are horror elements. But it's a drama. And I think people will be invested in the families and the lives of the people who live at the drake, at 666 park avenue. The upper east side. It's a world of ambition. It's a world of essential wallty and seduction. There's a lot more than just blood and guts. And quinn. He's phenomenal. I can't decide, the promos for this look really -- I don't know. As you say, seductive. He's a little spooky. But sexy. Yeah. You guys play -- you run the show. Olivia and gavin. We're moguls on the upper east side in new york. It's nice to be back in that world. Wilhelmina, that was her gig. And this is back in the neighborhood. It's hard to get an apartment on park avenue. But here, it might cost -- yeah. Is it the kind of --l your soul to the devil type stuff? He's not actually the devil. But the actual building does have some powers. It does? Yeah. You have to watch out. What is it like for you two, having such known characters on other shows. He from "lost," you as wilhelmina from "ugly betty." I said yes to the project. I read a bunch for pilot season. When I read this and read how exciting it was and knew he was going to be my husband, I said, sign me up. And even though the genre is scary, we have the most relaxed time on set. Gary always has a guitar. We're always singing. I want the outtakes on that. We'll have to screen them or something. You haven't seen it. The clothing looks fabulous. Very glamorous. You look gorgeous. And you have a little side business. I was here about a month ago. It's doing really well. How do you like being a beauty mogul? It's exhausting. If you want to look like vanessa williams, you can get it online. Absolutely. We can't wait. Tell us when we can watch. Sunday night, 10:00. Right here on abc. My friend, vanessa williams.

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{"id":17318923,"title":"Vanessa Williams on ABC Thriller, Belief in Supernatural","duration":"3:00","description":"Former \"Ugly Betty\" star chats about her role in ABC's new series \"666 Park Avenue.\"","url":"/GMA/video/vanessa-williams-abc-thrille-666-park-avenuer-belief-17318923","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}