Vanilla Ice Turns 'Trash to Treasure' on a Budget

Rapper Vanilla Ice, Rob Van Winkle, shares his design secrets with Lara Spencer.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for Vanilla Ice Turns 'Trash to Treasure' on a Budget
We all know the song and you almost certainly know our next guest. He traded in his mike at least temporarily for a hammer and great tool box. Boy is he creative. Known by so many as vanilla ice. Rob van winkle knows how to turn trash into trees our. He's got his own show. And he's talented. He's here to show us how to transform simple items, a lot like somebody else I know. What do you say we welcome rob van winkle. I always liked hearing the stories of how you get into this, as much as why you get -- how did you start doing this? I started investing about 15 years ago, and -- in real estate, 15 years ago and had pretty good success with it. And just started getting the bug for decorating each one of these homes as I'm selling them, instead of paint and carpet, let do more. I just, indirectly, expected the unexpected. I found another passion and here we are, go the my own tv show and enjoy showcasing the modern state of the art homes. It's great. Happy to be with you guys. I'm out of my element but i can pull a good sheet. These are simple ideas that you guys can do at home. And you're going to walk us through them. Sure. Everybody knows the term two by fours, we have basic two by fours that we stained with a nice walnut stain. You have galvanized steel pipes which are braces that you are threaded. You can screw them down. Put wheels on it, make it mobile if you want. You can buy these as home depot. You can buy them anywhere. Simple as a pimple. Just this and two by fours, and it becomes -- hey! Really, really good looking. That is awesome. That is awesome. I got to tell you, at major retailers right now, but a big design store sells something that looks a lot like this for like $3,000. For a lot more money. What would it cost to buy the materials. Under $100. Nicely done. This is our next project. Next. Start over here. Well, basically what we have is -- we've all seen a pall. You can get these behind a grocery store, hardware store, they don't cost anything. You can sand it down, paint it a color. Whatever you want. You just love hearing him fwauk this, don't you? I do. So, this right here, we've turned into a pallet coffee table. Magic, please. Voila. That is gorgeous. Wow, wow. That is great. Right here, these legs actually -- we need dark you need this for your apartment? It's masculine, it's industrial. This is terrific. This is just great looking. Do you have the pallet -- you went and bought wood? THIS IS 2 BY 4s AGAIN. We shaved them on the side. Put wheels, whatever you want. Plexi glass top or glass top. Is it if you want you can cover it. It's neat when you expose it like this. It's stained. There's your coffee table. And you can decorate it. Yes. look at that. That is great looking. I never felt so untalented in my life. So, what do we got? No, you can do it. That's the point. Well -- even you, josh. Yes. No, I don't think so. This right here, we'll show you how to do window art. Any salvage yard, maybe -- flee maa market. You can pick these up for $10, $15. For an old window. It's rustic. The paint is flaking off or paint it down and sand it if you want to do more work. What we do. Take a piece of plexiglas, slide it in like so. Any home depot orlowe's will do that. And you get a print shop print you up a print. Slide this in like that. A foam back board to keep you stable. Simple as that. Look them in. Josh. I'm already doing it. I love it, I love it. Is this the big reveal? Big reveal. Oh! That's great. Whoo! That's great. Hold it up so you can really see it. What a great idea. That's unbelievable. Hey, everybody, he's rob van winkle, everybody. Whoo! Thank you, guys. Thank you very much. Check out the show. When is the it on? The show is on saturday. We have a new season. We're doing season 3. Tune in for "ice my house." And jessica biel and justin timberlake secretly married.

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{"id":17043542,"title":"Vanilla Ice Turns 'Trash to Treasure' on a Budget","duration":"3:00","description":"Rapper Vanilla Ice, Rob Van Winkle, shares his design secrets with Lara Spencer.","url":"/GMA/video/vanilla-ice-turns-trash-treasure-budget-17043542","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}