Vanilla Ice's DIY Tailgating Table

Rapper/home improvement guru shows how to make a portable, multipurpose table.
1:40 | 10/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vanilla Ice's DIY Tailgating Table
Hi I'm Vanilla Ice from do it yourself network -- here to give yet cool tips on tailgate party that's right it's the do it yourself project. It's actually a beverage thinner or whatever you want to use it for gives you a lot of counter space and it's fully portable there's a handle on this side. And it'll set right here on these tax he got this -- -- like this. The legs come apart sitting side here you get a whole another table. This they actually live of this would go on top of their and it's made of a really cool lightweight. Easy to use poplar wood. We thought this would a miter saw which gives you 45 degree angles -- needed to go together like that. Use a little bit of wood -- and a couple of nails that you wanted to happen through its tail right in there you do with a hammer you can do with a Brad nail gun. You're off to the race you -- see it's easy work witnesses of poplar and and you got hinges. Very simply to get all this stuff at the hardware store anyway and the legs already come in this you don't -- have to cut. I just read it on both ends and you were just cover up one end with a leg. -- right there so that would cover one -- on the other hand. -- through the flange on like this. You've got four screw holes here you faithfully. Symbolism symbolism into -- drill that right in you might -- real gun. You can decorate it anyway you want but some golden it is on the fourth got handles different things like that. You can -- it with brush we -- just a simple spray can with but that's how we do it. But you're having you're off the racist and have fun details.

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{"id":20537615,"title":"Vanilla Ice's DIY Tailgating Table","duration":"1:40","description":"Rapper/home improvement guru shows how to make a portable, multipurpose table.","url":"/GMA/video/vanilla-ices-diy-tailgating-table-20537615","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}