Why Is Veterans' Advocate Arnold Fisher Angry?

The philanthropist discusses his work to help vets and how the government falls short
4:26 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Why Is Veterans' Advocate Arnold Fisher Angry?
I'm Martha Raddatz for on the radar for ABC news and Yahoo! News. And I am proud to have with me today. Mr. Arnold Fisher Arnold Fisher. Is legend for helping our nation's veterans. The entrapment senator for excellence -- opening those across the country. To help our veterans with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress and you are angry even angrier as we stand here today. Does -- do what you've seen and watched them come home. And then that I pushed aside. It's why get so I agreed with because they don't show -- they don't seem to feel. The pain that the families who. Why you sent over the years where are you -- My family started this many many years ago my uncle Zachary. Started by going to a hospital where it. -- trust. It came out in the evening and there was a car. Windows were fogged up and and know -- and a car -- was share. And this have knocked on the window and I opened a window and admiral trust showed. What are you doing his he should my wife and hospitals I don't have the money to go to ought to chalk sleeping on -- cost. And Jack standing next to -- that'll never happen again. So we started deficient. This is our mission. Plain and simple this is -- Look at us we've been successful in this country. You we've taken a lot from this country has given us so -- -- it's time. To give back. Just don't take -- got to give back I also want you talk about. Intrepid center for excellence. And caring for our veterans with traumatic brain injury with posttraumatic stress. It's hard for meter explained in court. You really have to see it. He really have to watch these -- -- -- man command. I was a couple of months ago visiting and a sergeant came out he's just -- -- -- two weeks of Greece's I had normal life. I had nothing I didn't know where was I didn't know anything. To rag on -- two weeks we had -- were injured at Bethesda. They've come back. 90% better you have to build. Another center here so we did we build all the money come shoved her compete. Government's not -- that's why I don't know but they're not. And so they're not we have respect for. If if we can't do this we have not and a decent people. We lose that decency if we can't help those who -- -- When I think about hundreds of thousands. Of our veterans who are suffering. From posttraumatic stress or traumatic brain injury this is a generational. Problem that America is not. Involved in yet. It's a difficult. War -- on -- war. When you hear -- wounded knee on more than a leg even if you lose him on everything we can see that. So we can we -- know you have to fix. But -- you can't -- And their veterans and saying it would rather long -- on our way yes oh yes it's also about -- who refuse. To admit it. Be cool mulling gurus. Some other name trying get this service. It's like that but don't punish this. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm told action about it because -- it has to be done thing. Q so much mr. Fisher for joining us and best of luck and we -- -- thank you for everything we do that's it for our. On the radar this week for ABC news and Yahoo! News. I'm Martha Raddatz you can follow me on Twitter -- -- have a good --

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{"id":20617504,"title":"Why Is Veterans' Advocate Arnold Fisher Angry?","duration":"4:26","description":"The philanthropist discusses his work to help vets and how the government falls short ","url":"/GMA/video/veterans-advocate-arnold-fisher-angry-20617504","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}