Vice President Joe Biden on Somalia Hostage Rescue

The vice president discusses daring overnight rescue of Jessica Buchanan.
5:21 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Vice President Joe Biden on Somalia Hostage Rescue
Thanks let's get more on this now from the vice president -- IC's Joseph Biden good morning mr. vice president. Good morning -- Well you -- were sitting on a pretty happy secret last night during that State of the Union Address what more can you tell us about this mission. -- pentagon and -- debrief this morning but I can tell you that. The president personally authorized this we have our special operations forces -- marketing or more do you tell -- who are. By the way -- colonel warriors this won't observers say they said it was the time the opportunity Jessica's health was. Was that word was failing and and they concluded they should go at this time the president gave the go. And it was -- again they also -- the Danish. Aid worker this is Danish demining operation she was working with and the president have a great privilege of being able -- call her dad. To say she was safe when she was. Out of the country and in and in good hands but. I'm not -- -- operational details George depending -- -- little more to say about that but -- was -- -- leaving. Last night. The office -- situation room was. Was monitor exactly what was going on -- operations so it was it was a happy and happy moment. What more can you tell us about Jessica's -- -- condition because as you said that didn't trigger the timing of this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where she was where they move under her health we feel it's pretty. Positive about his circumstances as I've said the president talked her dad her mom's passed away took her dad. Last night and that without the -- come out in due course one of the things we know from before George with the bin Laden. -- that the operational details are better not to be. Laid out and and I -- although all of the Pentagon. Decide how to do -- -- safe to say -- this went off without a hitch. Yes. Yes that's safe to say like I said -- George -- You do you see Nomar many in country and Afghanistan and Iraq -- these guys in special operators special operation -- they are absolutely. Most incredible. I mean the it's just takes your breath away their capacity and their bravery and and they're incredible. Timing on these guys are amazing and women are -- They certainly are thank you for the let's turn of the State of the Union Address last night the president gave a proof pretty forceful defense. And his record and his agenda no surprise his challenger right that would their response right away Newt Gingrich. Said it's time to confront the truth. About President Obama he said that the president will always prefer a food stamp economy to a paycheck economy and call it fair. Your response. It's hard to respond to new home with those kind of ridiculous statements but look come the fact is that for. 23 must people be getting enough who grew that the private -- -- hiring people. The president talked about what we do think is fair is fair to give the middle class -- fighting shot here. To bring home jobs incentivize companies to come home -- -- -- faction here. We're short tens of thousands of folks who were a tool and die makers are short people who couldn't make you good serious -- as American as companies bring jobs back home. We have a different priorities set to Newt Gingrich and apparently and and then our Republican colleagues haven't. We think it's fair to focus on the people built this country who create the productivity -- the people who. Need the jobs will go out there to do a good job and by the way there's a reason why. The reason why -- is source who's coming back because our workers and most productive workers in the world. And so we should do everything we can do we -- You -- the former speaker's statements ridiculous -- do you think he's playing racial politics when he calls President Obama food stamp president. You know it's hard to tell what for me -- appears. I'm not be facetious but it's it's hard to tell what. Would you wouldn't do -- -- he he he says a lot what can get done this years you know that's what I'm a lot of Americans are focused on. What's the one bill President Obama must have -- desk. Must sign into law this year and how we work with congress to get a -- speaker Boehner said yesterday hadn't spoken the president since December. Extension middle class tax cut single most urgent thing to do. No excuse should be done now should be done immediately. They should move quickly. To give us the the authority to be able to. Lower the interest rates for people never missed a mortgage George look I think we're gonna get a lot more done -- people think got. I I've been around a lot of for city use the mood in that place was much more serious than before I think everybody realizes. Democrats and Republicans sitting out there in the house and senate in the commander in in the house last night that the American public is sick and tired of it's one thing that would do nothing congress is mostly to stop everything congress. And I think they've got the message. So I think we may get more done than people think this year. We will be watching this restaurant thanks very much. Thanks to a -- --

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{"id":15437089,"title":"Vice President Joe Biden on Somalia Hostage Rescue","duration":"5:21","description":"The vice president discusses daring overnight rescue of Jessica Buchanan.","url":"/GMA/video/vice-president-joe-biden-somalia-hostage-rescue-15437089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}