Victoria's Secret Angel's 30-Pound Wings

Behind the scenes of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with Alessandra Ambrosio
2:10 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victoria's Secret Angel's 30-Pound Wings
How do you get ready for the Victoria's Secret passage from the big -- -- playing out -- a lot of work isn't looking. Fabulous on -- We're going behind the scenes of my house on November -- Alice that. If you want -- heard -- section. The passion section issues he fits into action and those even a spectacular. Ones that have -- done it has ever. 100 pounds crystals on it. It's really happy. I mean she was struggling to walk -- them but she's like the looks good for the good -- awareness. So we hope that it's -- have to -- strength training for the fans aren't. -- there they have me and yet she's in her underwear she's wearing high heels. Visit precarious runaway you know so. Really have to want something bad and it's -- -- that happy fun. Next. The process of the fittings it's very a long process as we really cast characters and the with a models -- -- their innings it -- comes alive for us and we've seen with -- apple looks like and there's changes that happen with some groups that are and other outfits. And then we make them for the girls have very little to outfit their name on them. We have a whole -- -- -- has -- artisans here. You know maintenance specifically for the models so what's really interesting about the whole bidding processes the -- content -- It's. Really happening until -- called it when -- first -- on I almost fell back. That's how have you -- that well. And you know you really have to put a lot of strengths -- Towards -- shudders at Davis that. But it's incredibly -- -- an outfit like valley those -- unpalatable. Are you going to be eating. -- and he's doing anything I -- I never do anything that's -- -- hours -- all right -- Working out and never work out my back I don't -- -- my arms but Baghdad is an -- kind of an -- to -- them white suit. -- units to be a result of that to the things on the running.

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{"id":14908407,"title":"Victoria's Secret Angel's 30-Pound Wings","duration":"2:10","description":"Behind the scenes of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with Alessandra Ambrosio","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-angels-30-pound-wings-14908407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}