Victoria's Secret Under Fire

Lingerie maker is accused of using underage labor to make some of its garments.
2:25 | 12/17/11

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Transcript for Victoria's Secret Under Fire
Victoria's Secret is famous -- bombshell supermodels. But today the nation's biggest lingerie retailer is facing an entirely different type of bomb -- The company is under fire because child labor laws may have involved producing some of -- broke -- to produce some of its famous underwear. And this morning we -- hearing from the retailer itself. ABC's Cecilia Vega has the latest from Washington good morning Cecilia. Good morning beyond -- -- so many of us will rush out to finish our holiday shopping today but these new allegations about one of the best known lingerie makers. Might make you think twice about where some very popular products are coming from. These are the images of perfection -- glamour Victoria's Secret is known for. Model seen strutting their stuff here. Fashion show. Put behind this sexy underwear. Like another kind of secret. According to Bloomberg News the hot -- to -- its famous underwear may have been picked by the hands of small children on up or farm in West Africa. We found children in this special circumstance -- -- across West Africa. Or Foster children can be abandoned sometimes they can actually often be sought to do work. Thirteen year old -- -- is one of them. She spends her day doing without freaking work hour after hour picking cotton Hopkins Bloomberg says in doing feedings from the farmer who makes the profit. The lingerie company says it relies on fair trade organizations to ensure workers aren't exploit it. Farmers are using children in their fields. This is not a secret in this village everybody knows about it. Which is why it was sadly so easy to find and it's also why they spoke about it so extensively the farmers because. They they really didn't know that they were doing anything wrong. Victoria's Secret gave this statement to ABC news our standards specifically prohibit child labor. We are vigorously engaging with stakeholders to fully investigate this matter. A laundry chain has more than 1000 stores in North America and on one of the biggest shopping days of the year it's now fighting to maintain its famous image. Of perfection. Now -- the fair trade groups responsible for policing farms and factories for child labor is also investigating and Victoria's Secret says. All of the forms advice cotton from are required to meet strict labor standards. -- --

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{"id":15177374,"title":"Victoria's Secret Under Fire","duration":"2:25","description":"Lingerie maker is accused of using underage labor to make some of its garments. ","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-fire-15177374","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}