Victoria's Secret Models: Messing Up Never Looked So Good

New viral video reveals models trying to sing holiday classics.
2:26 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victoria's Secret Models: Messing Up Never Looked So Good
Now to the Victoria's Secret model video apparently it's gone viral for revealing a number of super model stumbles it turns out. They're just like gas America ABC's Lindsey Davis. Has the story. Just call them dancer -- search and -- Only it's not exactly their noses at her red. -- their cheeks flushed with embarrassment and -- -- holiday video from Victoria's Secret is making its way around the Internet. And no reason you might think Don we know our game yeah. Now as of -- -- -- they may seem. Well round but these beautiful Christmas angels aren't nearly as perfect as they look. At least when it comes to singing Christmas -- just listen to them -- love golf loving deck the halls that. He's planning and but -- economy. -- that -- the -- video that -- that Victoria's Secret sees this as a selling. Point commercial like this can help to make the models a little bit more relatable -- this is really good way to you know. Sort of bring him down a little bit. And candles. Morgan mean course Victoria's Secret angels aren't the only ones who allow themselves to be the butt of the joke -- come up with advertising gold. Jennifer Aniston laughed all the way to the bank in his spoof for Smart water. How my old -- doing. Similarly the Victoria's Secret YouTube page is now the flooding that president comments like this month. Well not everyone should be stunning and great singers I love that. They tried to have you learn the lyrics of the song now know I still. The day before I was late racking my brain trying to remember the lyrics -- there's a lot of words that we don't unity -- lake patrol and bows of holly with -- -- -- -- -- These ladies messing up ever ever looked so good -- Almost 1000 all of jolly indeed I think it is out as they become a bit of a tradition next year maybe they should try singing. Santa -- -- I think be perfect. -- -- -- You know I don't now ago because you know -- and it -- -- -- here is -- -- yeah. It doesn't matter how. Oh I don't know who they are in very well rounded back of that thing and on how to spell does Santa baby and I've been -- on.

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{"id":17942217,"title":"Victoria's Secret Models: Messing Up Never Looked So Good","duration":"2:26","description":"New viral video reveals models trying to sing holiday classics.","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-models-christmas-singing-video-messing-looked-17942217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}