Vince Vaughn Reveals His Softer Side in 'Delivery Man'

The actor discusses being a father and how it has affected his career.
5:02 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Vince Vaughn Reveals His Softer Side in 'Delivery Man'
We're talking sports. My saint, ohio state. Vince vaughn became a father for the second time this past summer. But in "delivery man" his new movie out on friday, he plays a man who learns through sperm donation that he is the proud, maybe perplexed father of 533 children. It's impossible to be the father of 533 children. It's impossible the be the father of four children. Right. Exactly. It's impossible. But -- I can be their guardian angel. Their guardian ainge snl. They need me. They need a guardian angel. Someone to look out for them. I faurd them, so -- it's my responsibility. as always, great to have vince here. So good on the screen together. Chris is fun to work with and very funny. Can I tell you this. You sneak in heart on us. On the surface, you look at it, 533 children. But there's something about it. You were really drawn to it as well. The writer/director is a tremendous film maker. It's not common to have stuff that is moving, dramatic, and also funny. At the end of the day it's about kind of relatable emotional stuff. I think for myself, being a new father, it plays in the hopes and fears you have for your kids. How does it? That's eddie. He's always looking for a -- how is it for you, being a new father again. The children in the movie are a little bit older than yours right now. Can you still take something away? Yeah, for sure. I thing as parents there's that thing where you sort of are excited for your kids to have good times and be happy. And when you watch them do their growing up and ge get caught up in the situations that that are not the best, you balance yourself to let them go on their journey. You find the balance when you get involved and don't. There are funny, funny moments with you and chris especially. We also see the softer, little emotional side of you. But isn't that where you are in your life now as well? I guess on some extent. As an actor, it's nice to have the circumstances that are authentic and cause you to feel and crack you open because of what is going on in the scene. It's nice to have a sense of humor in life and laugh about yourself and things that are important as well. This is so nontraditional. It's not a romantic comedy. Not family drama. A I sense we'll see some of that still in you. This is great. Everyone is looking forward to it. But aren't you also looking back to going back to that type of movie, too? For sure. This film is unpredictable where it goes. It's really funny and moving. And so that's fun. It's nice to do just a straight-out comedy as well. That's always fun. Well, we're going to put you on the spot. Delivery man. We thought we would give you instances about delivery and you could tell us which one you like over the other. Are you ready to lay, sir? I am. I like the dramatic music. I don't have josh's skinny mike. Same day or overnight? I think same-day would be preferable. Overnight can turn into more than one. Same-day delivery would be fantastic. U.P.S. Or fedex? I have had both. I like them both. Continue to be on time. I'm going to say both fantastic. Forgive me, but what can brown do for you is my personal favorite. I don't know why. Bubble wrap or peanuts? Only one correct ans. I'm glad you asked and the music is playing. Bubble wrap. You have to pop. The kids just love to pop. You got the ding ding ding ding with that one. Such a right answer. Pizza or chinese? It would be sad if there was a world with only one. They both have their place, don't they? I probably do pizza more often. But a nice chinese is a nice time. We're going to end on that one. You cannot top that. You're always a great sport. And we just appreciate -- I'm glad we got to the bottom of some of these. This was important to take the wrapping off in this morning. For all you folks out there, hopefully, I have taken a machete and carved your way in the forest a little easier. A couple of bread crumbs to take them back home. Great to see you. Vince vaughn, ladies and gentlemen. "Delivery man" this friday. Here's to a better world. Now to the big abc event.

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{"id":20923206,"title":"Vince Vaughn Reveals His Softer Side in 'Delivery Man'","duration":"5:02","description":"The actor discusses being a father and how it has affected his career.","url":"/GMA/video/vince-vaughn-interview-2013-actor-reveals-softer-side-20923206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}