Vine Dad Becoming Star with Funny Parenting Videos

Tony Serafini has over 300,000 followers to his fun Saturday morning dad videos.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vine Dad Becoming Star with Funny Parenting Videos
So do you love social media without giving anything up I'm there and that's probably why we're sitting here. -- -- -- this next guest Tony therapy any better known as bottle rocket on -- has -- into that mobile -- to document. The reality. Of a four and a seven year old. They -- in there. Now -- gotten more than 300000. Followers in this nine -- clips six. Hilarious so it's great everybody knows binds -- six seconds and all of their very funny of his kids craziness and he does -- every Saturday morning. We get him here with us today -- that this morning. Along with his two little ones Little -- -- new video -- a bit. Good morning rocket -- link. Yeah. How -- say it's not so tell us how well I mean I love mine I think it is such an a brilliant -- he is because you only get them to sections. This you think anybody yeah. Well how did you what why do you to design and and -- -- get the ideas. And. The job we started to back -- The sun fire. February. -- -- he's it found president. And we just don't think if he feels together they both look a bit. -- my oldest one takes Christian art well it she loves it and. -- weren't much pull moisture mixed. Yeah that's what must have put the puck but I imagine that is not the one in the front of the trip that she seems very not. No -- actually Libya that. Kenya and and did they know when you're taking a -- Com your speech now doubt that it's not quite -- Lawsuits playing upon its -- black -- -- and then she kind of up. I restarted a little -- but what -- what do you think the girls will think when they grow up a mall best. -- -- Knowing they dad. -- a good memories. -- Great memories and we hope you make many -- may be even then -- then you can see him all the way up as they -- up in the -- have to wait. Thank you that's nice for being with -- and they keep keep -- -- -- common more than 300000. And counting where we find you again. But we're -- if I'm -- -- -- -- Running an up do my mom -- I haven't done things haven't do you do it -- I love it it is still -- as you can do with six seconds of I don't know I think incidents too long and sometimes -- -- the -- the you can keep issue over fifteen seconds -- -- tensions at the Pentagon.

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{"id":23236551,"title":"Vine Dad Becoming Star with Funny Parenting Videos","duration":"3:00","description":"Tony Serafini has over 300,000 followers to his fun Saturday morning dad videos.","url":"/GMA/video/vine-dad-tony-serafini-aka-bottlerocket-interview-2014-23236551","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}