Viola Davis Dishes on Upcoming Academy Awards

"The Help" actress was recently named Best Actress by the Screen Actors Guild.
6:20 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Viola Davis Dishes on Upcoming Academy Awards
We are equally excited to welcome Viola Davis here to Times Square do you member of -- -- heartfelt tribute to her. Doubt costar few years ago at the sag awards take a look again. -- gifted to Viola Davis might. Yeah I know -- -- waving -- her award saying that things are heard tremendous performance and the help she won best actress. At the sag awards this year nominated for her second. Academy Award -- we are delighted. To have you back but I think -- very much -- -- are real what you see Meryl Streep and you remember that time and it was so heartfelt from her. It wants a real especially because she was my idol -- so many years and I didn't pay -- to say that could you know -- just enough that it on their own but yeah absolutely for someone to admire your work that you've admired for so long. Absolutely and now you're in the same category with her was this academy. I'm nomination and I know you all have been communicating back and forth and which candidate best that you both have won awards this -- yes absolutely and I've been tossing and turning. I have had Meryl Streep nightmares since -- she's visited me in my dreams I can believe this moment I have to tell you that -- not been like. In this business turning to -- years struggling pounding the pavement is -- New York. And now this. Unlike you know look up and enjoy the moment a few minutes ago except that you -- when you read the book to help -- this was something special what is it about the story that resonated with you the fact that these -- ordinary heroes. The fact that these -- ordinary women going about their lives who couldn't hold that they have very limited -- potential. The white woman and the black women and all of a sudden this idea of the book is presented. And they hacked into all of the extraordinary qualities of themselves and they find them boys there's something about that for me. It just touches my heart. And -- it wasn't just sneak it touched everybody's heart I mean the fact that this book sold millions of copies. Is a testament to that -- with the story I can remember when my colleague at the time Charlie Gibson. He said you've got to read this book -- you've got to read this book -- -- -- it. And sometimes and you see the movie are you a little bit afraid ambulance and I thank you hit it don't work out I want to play a little bit from the movie because of the people don't know. African American maids in my beloved Mississippi in the sixties and written a book you've -- and this clip is from. After the book being written and your wrongly accused of stealing here's the health. And still also. Maybe I can send -- chair who went children. And continued -- -- -- -- he -- -- to -- -- forget. But what you Macy's is a lot of time likeness and you can -- -- right to truth about who. And take a freak now but he would -- puts you I don't know. I've been told I'm a pretty good right are already sold a lot of books. Conflict with the heat whisk him and I can't get what you didn't stop. You want -- let's hope. -- -- -- -- Each time. They still have compassion for -- no I don't. Still having compassion for her she wants to throw you in jail and a key to -- come on that's what they're saying the bond between. -- the white women the black women absolutely time and then the on. -- kind of amount of love that those women had for those children. You've gotta love that in this smack dab in the middle of a time period that didn't even recognize an -- human beings. And yet they had sold its to give. You -- it reminds me of my mom and my grandmother. For me they gave up they -- so I can have my dreams. And her mother and grandmother both mates they were and my. Yes and so -- -- -- the -- mates and you could win an Academy Award for playing -- may need. That's pretty amazing -- It's pretty amazing you feel like I have to tell you feel like -- -- has come full circle and that happened that you feel like -- on the right path. Because sell off in. You know you get so emotional because so often feel as an actor. That you're just you're just trying to appeal. Crazy stupid dream. And then when you start seeing things come to fruition -- want my god being you just feel blessed and I feel blessed. And millions still blessed with -- little. AB Genesis I know pretty hard being away from her nose she's the council on my share in the middle of whole thing into the show night talk talk -- I -- I love -- -- -- -- effects. She went there I'll just. -- that it that it couldn't put it. Oh -- -- -- -- and you know I think you're up are the toast of the awards season I am I mean LA times magazine didn't have been the beautiful pictures have you moved from -- -- -- music doesn't there's now an expectation and then there's a lot of pressure and people looking at you but you do -- Oh my god -- UK debut. But its Anemia home that's how I look I do not embrace that you can -- a -- and that much pressure. You know I'd like to put up my dirty T shirts and -- corn -- -- Ayers did -- -- -- -- Yes absolutely couldn't look good you're not gonna tell us not to give us any hints what you're wearing on the -- are relevant because my told do you can get out then -- have to -- do not want my life and that way. Yeah they're the Atlanta -- anything out. Where are still on the surge but we will see there. On the red carpet and we can't wait congratulations and all the nominees. -- We'll find out who takes home the Academy Award him on Oscars Sunday February 26 at 7 eastern right here. On ABC hooray for Hollywood -- -- -- love having highly here thanking him.

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{"id":15546396,"title":"Viola Davis Dishes on Upcoming Academy Awards","duration":"6:20","description":"\"The Help\" actress was recently named Best Actress by the Screen Actors Guild.","url":"/GMA/video/viola-davis-dishes-upcoming-academy-awards-the-help-15546396","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}