Viral Cinnamon Challenge: Major Health Risks

The online dare might not be as innocent a trick as once thought.
3:11 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Viral Cinnamon Challenge: Major Health Risks
We're back now at 742 -- now to the bizarre and wildly viral -- spreading online known as these cinnamon -- -- taping themselves. Well as you see it's a teaspoon of my. The video showed just how hard it is to do but trying to connect dangerous for your -- -- John Berman is back with details on this. You know Robin know -- said the Internet was always Smart here's the thing that glimpse in your mouth can't physically handle that much cinnamon so yes it's a bad idea but. Yes it's viral. It was Mary Poppins who -- dead -- Yeah. Spoonful of cinnamon and -- the Internet go notes. Treats the viral -- that calls for swallowing cinnamon -- -- anything for sixty seconds. There are hundreds of these videos online. To FaceBook even sites devoted to this so called. In any challenge but it wasn't too long ago we saw MBA players nick young and JaVale McGee. -- -- -- -- -- woman needs to be called one there were also -- serious health hazards. You've got such fine particles like cinnamon staying in her lungs and may be hard to clear out. Honored. Take in or her high school freshman -- John Reed. I was last seen and they got caught I may throw got -- and -- just couldn't -- at a console. It almost could mean that night. Her father never expected a viral craze would result in his daughter in the emergency room. To -- really in and out of consciousness and then really pay off student couldn't agree that. Do just that were in the hospital she's lucky there's evidence it can cause long term lung damage especially to people with asthma. School districts are now warning students about the potential dangers of this city the main challenge. Each and there's been several cases reported were kids. Would need ventilator support because they weren't able to maintain. -- way -- -- for now what ever the risks the videos keep coming. As recently likely continue until a new -- perhaps -- one. -- -- -- Our our show you just why this is so stupid here we have some water we have -- sitting in no way I'm doing this because it what we -- the cinnamon. In the water. It it doesn't dissolved while it just sits there there's nowhere for to go now imagine this in your body it's really not a good idea no matter how funny -- think it is. I mean that is so -- -- -- as it's known budget totaling about what there's just -- -- -- again please don't trust account please do not try this at home.

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{"id":15884477,"title":"Viral Cinnamon Challenge: Major Health Risks","duration":"3:11","description":"The online dare might not be as innocent a trick as once thought.","url":"/GMA/video/viral-cinnamon-challenge-major-health-risks-15884477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}