The Life of an Adult Virgin

Andrea Canning takes a look at TLC's new reality special "Virgin Diaries."
3:27 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for The Life of an Adult Virgin
Now we moved to a controversial new show that's raising eyebrows and not for the reason you might thank. It's because of what you could call -- a lack of sexual content. Virgin diaries a new reality special the TLC says -- celebrating people who have chosen not to have sex. Well into adulthood and -- BC's Andrea canning is here now. With the story on -- 2030. Sometimes forty you're already has made this choice and an estimated some of that somewhere around 5% of Americans are adult virgins so it's not that comment. The -- -- about to meet have a number of reasons for waiting from religious beliefs to bad luck to just not knowing how to act around. -- woman or man. The situation to be a little awkward when you're adults some of the holdouts are so desperate they claimed -- the hormones of a fifteen year old teenager. You'll answer this question. -- -- In the forty year old virgin Steve corrales -- well experience in the bedroom was something to laugh -- I'm sorry. But it's real chill for the real life holdouts in the new show virgin diaries I'm 31 and take a look at -- very first kiss ever at the age of 31. Is with his new bride -- on their wedding day. I now declare you to be husband and wife. Ryan. -- -- -- -- right. Helen couldn't help but weigh in on this -- passionate yes. If I don't have you out there who have not kissed and are -- gonna think about kissing for the first time less chilling. It's a level of intimacy 35 year old Kerry is hoping to find for himself. Might have been one. -- -- Where I had the opportunity the mortgage analyst is never even made it past first base that kissed. Four point. To really work lasted longer than a few seconds Kerry says it's due to his lack of initiative his friends just -- -- clueless I was -- of the girl's dorm with her and we are watching TV and she just started to play with me with -- -- And I turned and asked what you're doing and then maybe a couple days later. In that's what that was. -- Lisa Tamara and Danielle are roommates who call themselves the three musketeers because of their shared values over premarital sex. We realize that we could mean mr. -- At any minute each virgin has even nicknamed their dream and the vikings the rock star and the board -- forest beech mountain man in search for mr. right they go on individual dates and sometimes -- a group -- thirty non emergent. I'm also urgent pace and they all want intimacy. I want to have sex -- -- when her sense people seem to really enjoy it. Maybe I can -- get a piece of the action. Luckily Brian and -- and it didn't have to wait. Long after that first kiss. Things are going well very well for right and -- they apparently can not keep their hands off each other they say it was worth the wait and let's hope that practice makes perfect when it comes to saying -- look. They couldn't keep their hands on each other -- is different so who can get hurt yeah. Yeah they look like afterwards like it. Our -- -- hang you can take that video down now thank you. -- and you can thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Andrea Canning takes a look at TLC's new reality special \"Virgin Diaries.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15072405","title":"The Life of an Adult Virgin","url":"/GMA/video/virgin-diaries-tlc-life-adult-virgin-15072405"}