Va. Tech Shooting Leaves 2 Dead

Nearly five years after infamous mass shooting, school hit with another tragedy.
2:19 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Va. Tech Shooting Leaves 2 Dead
New details this morning about the police officer shot and killed on the campus of Virginia Tech yesterday the shooting triggering flashbacks to the 2007. Massacre on that campus the deadliest in US history ABC's Jim Sciutto is in Virginia. With the very latest on the investigation Jim good morning to you. Well adjusted morning you meet so many people here with a connection to those 2007 shootings officer Derek -- join the force is a few months afterwards an army veteran. A father of five the first victim. In what police increasingly believe was a murder suicide. Again just afternoon -- -- bad shots ring out as officer Krause is conducting a routine traffic stop. During a traffic stop the officer -- Was shot and killed minutes later police received the first call from a witness saying an officer shot. The gunmen fleeing on foot Virginia Tech freshman Juliet fielding is watching just yards away from the stricken police officers -- Police put up an ailment his car -- and then -- they -- -- -- He just fell out towards the down the site and I see is -- -- colored blood I don't know of the blood has claimed were his head it's it's exactly. 1 PM and offices bonds and other men down with a gunshot wound -- the campus parking lot police would later confirm he was the shooter. Would apparently turned the gun on himself. Do not -- this -- well. Before harrowing hours students wait on lockdown in Taylor in disbelief it was all happening again here. Overnight a candlelight vigil on the camp is still in shock it's happened not once but twice to a school. It really just it it doesn't doesn't stick us. Attack bringing back memories of the deadliest campus shooting in American history. Went 33 people were killed in 2007. The less -- and then may have saved lives. The first -- didn't go out until two hours after the first shots were fired on Thursday. The warnings went out within six minutes. The shooting the shooting was captured on the onboard camera officer -- is patrol car that -- establish that the shooter was the second victim have also tied. The same firearm to both shootings what they're no closer to establishing Josh yet is any motive for the another terrifying attack here on the Virginia Tech campus.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Nearly five years after infamous mass shooting, school hit with another tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15119840","title":"Va. Tech Shooting Leaves 2 Dead","url":"/GMA/video/virginia-tech-shooting-2011-police-office-shot-dead-15119840"}