Vittorio Missoni's Plane Vanishes Off Coast of Venezuela

Heir to Italian fashion line is one of six missing after plane disappears.
2:16 | 01/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vittorio Missoni's Plane Vanishes Off Coast of Venezuela
First an all-out search for one of the biggest names in italian fashion, in global fashion for that matter, vittorio missoni is one of six people missing after their plane vanished off the coast of venezuela. If you're not familiar with the name there's a very good chance you know the style. Abc's matt gutman joins us with the story. Reporter: Good morning, paula. Vittorio missoni made that iconic brand accessible here in the united states and now with the weather worsening in the caribbean that all-out search you mentioned for him is turning frantic. About 100 searchers in planes, helicopters and boats scouring the caribbean for any sign of had is plane. So far not a trace. Vittorio missoni, the heir to one of the world's most recognizable design houses, vanished into the caribbean friday. This tiny twin prop apparently dropping into the sapphire waters 30 minutes after taking off and over 100 miles from the mainland. On board missoni who managed his family's fashion empire, his wife and two pilots. It is near los roques fame for its clear water. On january 4th another small plane dropped from the radar, all 14 aboard were killed earlier. As abc news recently learned getting to these remote islands in the caribbean often requires taking these puddle jumpers. Missde his father a tallian fashion house international. Trained in special part -- really missoni like my parents did, you know. Reporter: Expanding into asia and the biggest market of all, the u.S. For the launch of the missoni line at target, almost instantly sold out and crashed the giant retailer's website. Missoni was 2340e7b as the business ambassador talking to this american group earlier this year. Quite femininifemininity, we have also new generation that's been involved. Reporter: Missoni's younger brother luca has arrived in seenz to try to monitor the search effort. By law venezuela has to keep that search going for five more days. Now vittorio's son, vittorio jr. Has tweeted please help find my father.

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{"id":18143285,"title":"Vittorio Missoni's Plane Vanishes Off Coast of Venezuela","duration":"2:16","description":"Heir to Italian fashion line is one of six missing after plane disappears.","url":"/GMA/video/vittorio-missonis-plane-vanishes-off-coast-venezuela-18143285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}