VMAs 2016: Fashion Highlights From the Red Carpet

"GMA" talks with some of the biggest stars of the night on the red carpet - and find out whose look stole the show.
4:05 | 08/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VMAs 2016: Fashion Highlights From the Red Carpet
We're back now with the hottest stars and styles rocking the VMAs. The white carpet full of red hot looks and Sara was there for all of it. She is back now with all the detail, Sara. Thanks, Amy. The VMAs white carpet so star-studded and soy fabulous, it's hard to know which way to look but one person never disappoint, beyonce, who brought a special date, blue ivy. Make some noise for music royalty. I just getting excited to see the show. Reporter: The best of the biz rocking the white carpet with the fiercest fashion picks. All hail the queen, queen bey, that is. Y'all came to slay. Reporter: Shimmering in this stunning semi sheer mint sequin gown topped with delicate feather clad angel wings. Her jewelry alone valued at more than $20 million and completing the ethereal vibe, her daughter 4-year-old blue ivy. Black it the new black. Reporter: Kim Kardashian, Ariana grande and Britney spears all back in black. Ariana flaunting a lot of continue with this off the shoulder Alexander Wang bralet. We caught up with her brother Frankie, her biggest cheerleader. Excited to seer had. Are there any preshow rituals. Yeah, I always say -- we always kiss each other and say I love you and just like go kill it, Ariana. ? Reporter: The pop princess showing off her sexy silhouette in this glorious little black dress and fresh from their golden olympic victories, four of team usa's final five trading their skin tight leotards for sparkly dresses. It's really crazy. After olympics like party. We can finally celebrate here tonight. How fun are they? They are the best. Joining us now for more on the best looks celebrity stylist and creative director June ambrose. June, give me your overall take. What did you make of last night. A good morning but last night was subdued and went classic. You know, the awards came back to New York and I think the artists felt it was a time to be more sophisticated and less crazy. Who were your favorites. How could I not say hands down beyonce. Always. She came with this Fran ch Francesco -- Italian designer. Emegelio. I got it. I got it out. She made a new designer from Italy, you know, dreams come true. It was just -- it was angelic, airy and brought blue ivy. Blue ivy brought it sporty with the diamond Jordans. She checked so many boxes last night. I mean she brought the moms of the movement with her. It was her evening. It really was. And then -- She set the tone. Then she took home the most VMAs ever surpassing Madonna. Quite a night for her. Any surprises trends you spotted. You know, the black and white. I mean there was so much black, I mean, everyone looked black and elegant but overwhelming amount of black because I was expecting to see some meat or some color. Meat. Look at the physicality indication. Even Britney spears, there was glitz and glam. There were some glitter, but there was, you know, there was more black than I've seen in so many years. Well, I loved ashleyraham. Oh, Ashley graham. She looked -- I don't use the word full size. She was so appropriately dressed. I mean it was elegant but still edgy. And it was racy and sexy and provocative. All of those things wrapped up in one. Did anyone push the envelope? Ashley looks like she had perhaps the most risque dress. A little low. Amber rose did the bra like masculine androgynous thing pushing the envelope for her so that was fresh and new. Look at that. Amber rose. Oh, but all eyes are on beyonce. June ambrose, thank you. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"\"GMA\" talks with some of the biggest stars of the night on the red carpet - and find out whose look stole the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41709340","title":"VMAs 2016: Fashion Highlights From the Red Carpet","url":"/GMA/video/vmas-2016-fashion-highlights-red-carpet-41709340"}