First Lady, WH Staff Tension?

According to author, one advisor cursed-out Michelle Obama behind her back.
2:35 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for First Lady, WH Staff Tension?
Return -- to that new bombshell book about president and mrs. Obama that's getting a lot of attention right now -- claims of tension between the First Lady and the White House staff. A top aid getting so frustrated that he reportedly cursed out the First Lady behind her back. -- Jon Karl has more joins us this morning from Washington good morning John. Good morning Robin the new book provides a glimpse of the first family when the cameras are not around a rare behind the scenes look at the first family. May be the ultimate power Koppel but the -- The Obama's which has yet to be released but was obtained by ABC news describes quote if filled marriage that had proved strong nonetheless. Michelle Obama are reluctant First Lady who initially didn't want her husband to run for president because it would be losing their family's privacy. And when he -- author Jodi Kantor writes the First Lady considered staying in Chicago's their two daughters. Could finish the school year what the president moved into the White House alone. Ultimately mrs. Obama decided to go right to Washington. Something she discussed with ABC's Bob Woodruff the first weeks that we were here we weren't taking the kids to school pick them up getting -- -- -- -- doing homework. Later as mrs. Obama's public image evolved into something of a fashion icon. A relative told her she looked like a glamour queen she responded well I have to put on my mask. Cantor says all the clips drew concern from the president's economic advisors. Including a mad hatter Tea Party thrown for military families on Halloween 2009. The state dining room decorated by Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton. Johnny -- -- in full costume I know him anyway. White House downplayed -- cancer rates. Officials were so nervous about how -- splashy Hollywood -- party. Would look to jobless Americans the book also describes friction between mrs. Obama and the president's aides. Press secretary Robert Gibbs at one point pursing her when she was not in the room. And one -- five. Describing the White House has quote a bad reality show. The president's chief political strategist didn't deny the conflict Sunday on this week we're told George I think the First Lady and her staff. Worked very well when I was there with the west wing she's sensational person. The White House has criticized this book saying it over plays the tension between. The First Lady in the president's aides that said Robin is overall a positive portrayal of a family trying to adjust to life under the ultimate spotlight. Appreciate that there John thank you.

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{"id":15319877,"title":"First Lady, WH Staff Tension?","duration":"2:35","description":"According to author, one advisor cursed-out Michelle Obama behind her back.","url":"/GMA/video/voice-vote-book-claims-tension-lady-wh-staff-15319877","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}