NH Primary: Battle for 2nd

Some candidates have begun moving on to the next primary in South Carolina.
3:15 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for NH Primary: Battle for 2nd
To politics now your voice your vote and one way to go before the voting in New Hampshire the latest foam breaking overnight shows Mitt Romney -- -- a big twenty point lead. The rest of the pack locked in a battle for second place and they are all targeting -- coming up our big ABC news debate Saturday night. In she's Jake Tapper is in Manchester now the latest in -- some of the candidates already starting to appeal to the next contest in South Carolina. They are -- -- making some tough attacks Mitt Romney has left to the top of the pack here in New Hampshire by telling voters that his business experience. We'll help him revive the economy but his rivals are starting. To turn experience into a negative -- Romney himself. Tries to reach out and appeal to working class voters. Mitt Romney was occupied last night at a rally in Exeter. Protesters chanted Mitt. Kills jobs we're happy to have you guys express your views next time try -- more courtesy of New Jersey governor Chris Christie offered the skeptics some Jersey. Charm. Really. You know some -- go down tonight but it going to be jobs in art. It all led -- this moment on the rope line. -- that this president this president has caused a deepening recession and the let me say this president's been the failure and that's one reason I'm running -- -- get a job Romney son of a millionaire worth at least 200 million dollars himself. Not a problem. Has been struggling to connect with the economic fears of the working class. I know what it's like to have to worry whether you're gonna get fired a couple of times -- wondered whether. I was gonna get a pink -- afraid of being picks last -- Romney he went. His campaign said quote as a young person just out of college he worked his way up the career latter knowing that his continued employment was by no means guarantee. At the ABC news WM -- debate moderated by George and Diane Sawyer over the weekend Romney's business experience. It was a sales I'm not nearly as enamored of a Wall Street model. Where you can -- companies you can go in and have Leveraged Buyouts you can. Basically check out all the money leaving behind the workers though mostly his rivals are attacking him over his one term as governor of Massachusetts. Yesterday morning and standing for the people Massachusetts and run and your record. There was that great. What did you wanted to bail -- I -- to Massachusetts to make a difference I didn't go that it Begin a political career running time and time again. Only drop over to the -- Maloney. The fact is you had a very bad reelection rating. So George a lot of the candidates because Romney is so far ahead here New Hampshire. Are already turning their sites to South Carolina was will hold a primary in January 20 floating gently -- -- -- getting pretty tough with Mitt -- right there and a group affiliated with -- is putting a lot of money. Behind an ad that is just brutal -- Mitt -- -- in South Carolina. -- five billion dollars the ad focuses on Romney's head at his tenure as the head about Bain Capital. Dealing with companies sometimes lay people off sometimes growing the company's. South Carolina as a different kind of style politics and New Hampshire -- as you know they played a little tougher down there are so that might be a good place for that attack no question about Jake Tapper thanks very much.

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{"id":15319843,"title":"NH Primary: Battle for 2nd","duration":"3:15","description":"Some candidates have begun moving on to the next primary in South Carolina.","url":"/GMA/video/voice-vote-hampshire-primary-battle-2nd-place-15319843","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}