Romney: Job Record 'A Lot Better' than Obama's

GOP front-runner for presidential nomination discusses his big N.H. primary win.
4:19 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Romney: Job Record 'A Lot Better' than Obama's
We are joined now by the man of the moment the winner of the New Hampshire primary governor Mitt Romney congratulations governor big win last night South Carolina. In ten days can you put this -- there. You know I don't know if we can win South Carolina I was a force their last time I ran. I know it's an uphill battle but I'll play -- that this send off I got from New Hampshire last night. That's gonna give me a real boost so I'm I'm pretty appreciative for the people of of New Hampshire Dolly did -- get me going. As you know governor -- -- Bain Capital became -- target. Over the last few days Newt Gingrich's allies taking on -- already advertising in South Carolina Rick Perry compared -- to a vulture. In your speech last night we heard you call them desperate. But you Laurie that that argument might get more traction in South Carolina where unemployment is you know is much higher than in either Iowa or New Hampshire. But to the people of South Carolina want someone who knows how to work the economy for the benefit of America. Thank you get good jobs back in this country it keep us an opportunity nation. I think there argument fell flat here in New Hampshire they try to very hard. A ran ads here were up another state campaigning -- people the states that look what we want a guy who spent some time in the private sector. Not someone who spent their entire life in Washington sold I think it's working for my -- for my benefit. In his speech last night -- it took direct aim. At President Obama and Vice President Biden. Gave his own speech in New Hampshire Democrats last night where he took didn't directing him right back it -- he talked about your tenure had -- again this is the quote. From Vice President Biden is talking about he says he thinks it's more important for the stockholders. Shareholders and investors would venture capital guys. To do -- -- for the employees to be part of the bargain how do you answer that argument. Pretty straightforward. The the vice president of the president princess oversaw General Motors and and Chrysler and what do they do. They came in and that close factories that close dealerships laid people off. They did it tribes say the business and every time we had had a reduction in employment it was designed to try to make the business more successful and ultimately. To grow it and tens of thousands of jobs created by virtue of the work that we were doing I'm pretty proud of that record and by the way a heck of a lot better than the president's record. He lost almost two million jobs during his tenure and -- -- that you can -- now that the American auto industry is doing better today than it was. Oh sure absolutely I -- from the very beginning that are needed to go through way. Managed bankruptcy process the president finally came to that conclusion -- that that course and that the industry is coming back I sure hope it continues to -- to grow and thrive. You're heading down to South Carolina as we said where 60%. Of the State's Republican voters are Evan -- local Christians I was struck by something the Franklin Graham reverend Franklin Graham. Set in New York Times this morning he said you might have some difficulty with the evangelical community. Because of your Mormon faith he describe it as a hurdle. That you have to clear advised that you meet with church leaders how -- -- can address that. Well I've been very place and over the years we have been meeting with church leaders are what continue to do that but for instance and they the vote last night -- New Hampshire. I won among evangelicals I -- them one among a Tea Party members among got very conservative and conservative voters. So the that the proof is set his -- the results so far. Hopefully I can translate to some of that support in the South Carolina as well but I know I got an uphill battle -- South Carolina but I mean -- keep. Keep working hard and and hopefully pull out another victory came -- other opponents right now -- -- national campaign. Oh I think so I I Rick Rick Perry has put together pretty substantial financial team it has been able to. They carry that forward over these seven these last few contests and you know I think it Newt Gingrich will be able to race more money he's already had some backers get behind him and so like I don't expect people to fall by the wayside true for the wayside for lack of -- site. I think I expect that a fall by the wayside eventually for lack of voters you're confident you're going to be the Republican nominee against President Obama. -- ought to be overconfident. I'm hopeful -- will be I'm gonna do everything in my power to become that nominee. I think to post up against Barack Obama it is essential. To have a record of credibility on the economy and the economy is what I know it's what I've done all my life and that's -- -- of the best got to go up against them. Congratulations governor thanks for spending some time -- this this morning.

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{"id":15337421,"title":"Romney: Job Record 'A Lot Better' than Obama's","duration":"4:19","description":"GOP front-runner for presidential nomination discusses his big N.H. primary win.","url":"/GMA/video/voice-vote-mitt-romney-job-record-heckuva-lot-15337421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}