Mitt Romney's 'Firing' Comments Create Stir

GOP front-runner's comments create opening for opponents looking to attack him.
2:46 | 01/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney's 'Firing' Comments Create Stir
Get right the politics your voice your vote New Hampshire voters head at the polls right now Mitt Romney expected to win this but is it I have trouble on down the line. With -- comments about firing people ACC's David New York is in Bedford and has the latest for us this morning good morning David. Robin good morning they're expecting a pretty good turnout here in Bedford you can see the voters have arrived here this morning they are lining up -- the volunteer polling stations. As you point out Mitt Romney holding a commanding lead heading into the primary here today which in part explains the increasing scrutiny on him these last 24 hours that. And his own words. -- -- Offense really does get around -- calling. This morning -- -- he's hoping his commanding lead here won't be chipped away by his own words. Saying he likes being able to fire peoples such as choice of which came while making a -- -- health insurance saying Americans should be able to hear drop their insurance if they're not happy with the -- but fire them if you don't like what they do. You could fire them. I like being able to fire people provide services to make. -- spent years buying and selling companies -- Bain Capital sometimes creating jobs. But sometimes cutting down and -- talking about getting rid of insurance in terms of firing them drawing fire from his opponents. Governor Romney enjoys firing people. I enjoy creating jobs. Rick Perry's campaign dialed into the debate quickly coming out with a new Romney regional. You at all concerned about the tone of those words with the millions of Americans still out of work. Things can always be taken out of context and I understand that that's what the Obama people do. But as you know I was speaking about insurance companies and the need to be able to make a choice. This comes after other moments that led to criticism over whether Romney can truly connect with the economic pain of some voters probably once adamantly saying. -- -- On the eve of the primary here Newt Gingrich asked just how genuine -- was when just this week probably said that he too is fear losing his job. There a couple of times I wondered whether. I was gonna get pink -- Gingrich -- ABC's John Carl. One -- pretending that I'm something about. Is that what Romney does I don't know you have to ask me how many of discount. Registrations -- the comments are. -- -- -- There have been defining moments on the eve of the New Hampshire primary before you remember Hillary Clinton for years ago in the tears shifting the numbers dramatically. That's it not expected to happen this time -- Mitt Romney's words with the campaign knows. -- South Carolina comes next they are concerned about how these words will play which is why they pointed out late yesterday that they believe these words have been taken out of context with George as you can see. The voters are lining up for an exciting day the first in the nation primary now under way.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"GOP front-runner's comments create opening for opponents looking to attack him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15327857","title":"Mitt Romney's 'Firing' Comments Create Stir","url":"/GMA/video/voice-vote-mitt-romneys-firing-comments-create-stir-15327857"}