Newt Gingrich: '3 out of 4 Said No' to Romney

Former GOP front-runner discusses why an alternative to Mitt Romney is needed.
5:16 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich: '3 out of 4 Said No' to Romney
Let's bring in the former speaker of the house now Newt Gingrich -- -- in New Hampshire. This morning you heard John's piece there mister speaker so what's the answer what -- you take tomorrow night. -- the approach of talking with the American people about. Real solutions. Take your report and unemployment. Ronald Reagan had a real solution that I helped him pass in the 1980s. He created a 1300000. New jobs in August of 1983 alone one month. Compare that to the jobs report -- come out today. We know how to create jobs we know how to have strong bold positions and as a Reagan conservative that's what I'll talk about why we need to have. Very deep policy shifts in Washington. Why we need to fundamentally change direction. And the fact that -- work twice who worked in the eighties when I work with Reagan to do it it worked and -- in 1995 when I was speaker and we did it again we brought unemployment down. 24 point 2%. We created eleven million jobs in the four years I was speaker we know how to do this we need somebody who believes in it and somebody's prepared to do it but as you know -- -- top opponent right now in New Hampshire governor Romney is holding on pretty strong and you've said he cannot be the nominee and he cannot beat. President Obama we have another number from our poll in New Hampshire out of WM -- shows that 59%. A New Hampshire voters think he's most likely to be President Obama only 7%. Think that you can do better -- arguments a pretty hard sell the New Hampshire voters. -- negative about the that this is one of his three best states along with you saw -- Massachusetts. If he if he doesn't win here. He couldn't stay in the race so everybody who came here at all sorts of advisors said -- and even go to New Hampshire I think that's wrong. This is where the races this week this is where I'm prepared to talk amount -- out -- Massachusetts moderate who raised hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes would talk about. Romney's record of appointing liberal judges including pro abortion judges. -- who -- Romney's record of favoring Massachusetts gun control positions where the races this week. Everybody assumes I think -- Romney is a huge -- because this is one of his three best states but it's also the right place to lay out. How big the gap is between Reagan conservative. And -- such what is that what you -- that -- are having an attempt -- conservative allies who say that with you staying in the race Rick Santorum surging right now. Rick Perry staying in the -- issue dividing up the conservative vote and actually -- Mitt Romney's nomination more likely. Well what -- saying -- -- for ironically for Ferraro me we have the longest period of proportional representation. And Republican party's history all the way up I believe through march. You only get the votes you get so in this so called to win in Iowa having campaigned for five years and spent -- twenty million dollars he got. 25%. That's one out of four. Three out of -- should know after five years a campaign. He's the he's got to get a majority somewhere I don't think he gets -- through this is gonna get a majority will gradually coalesce one of us will emerge as a conservative alternative. That conservative alternative will beat Romney and I think that. I think as people look at his records. Now imagine him debating Obama Obama's gonna laugh at him. Nevada just say I developed Obama did based on -- here I even brought -- staff and the White House. In order development and so I think we have to look at what kind of a choice we were not for the country. I think -- Reagan conservative. Who has been consistently. For lower taxes smaller government more economic growth has a much better. Meanwhile mr. speaker Rick Santorum is taking issue of your characterization of him as a junior partner in congress he said that you. Sat on the sideline when I was out -- putting my reputation have to try to reform congress I think that tells you who's got the courage to stand up and fight your response okay. That's pretty hard for the speaker of the house to sit on the sideline -- had to schedule all the things he claims credit for I had acts. Be involved negotiating -- Bill Clinton to get his signature. Normally I think you'd think the speaker of the house had some role of those things happening with what -- and I got to be competitors that's fine we've had different tracks to get here. I -- I like you I think he's a very very solid person. I do think it if you look back at history and in -- be candid about it. The role of developing the contract developing the majority developing the votes to get welfare reform. Scheduling -- three times was as you know George was vetoed twice the President Clinton. These things -- took a continuous leadership. Richt is a great part of that I'm not taking anything away from. And maybe but -- but I think he ought to look historically at who actually put all this together. In order to get it to happen. And it was an easy negotiated with the liberal democratic president to get inside -- they -- welfare. We'll have more on that debate tomorrow night looking -- to see their mister speaker. Thank you suited to work and -- -- be moderating that debate in New Hampshire tomorrow night at 9 o'clock eastern 6 Pacific right here across the ABC network. And then a drum roll please not to run all -- -- Joseph hard to only get the flag for in everything -- -- you. This first week back on this week this Sunday. -- on Monday morning coming within the -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15303574,"title":"Newt Gingrich: '3 out of 4 Said No' to Romney","duration":"5:16","description":"Former GOP front-runner discusses why an alternative to Mitt Romney is needed.","url":"/GMA/video/voice-vote-newt-gingrich-romney-15303574","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}