Vote for Your Favorite Baby Bump!

One lucky mom will win a free photo shoot with Anne Geddes.
0:37 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Vote for Your Favorite Baby Bump!
The plastic bags and gloves to tell us on their baby comes in five words or less about the life they dream -- -- their babies who need it now. Down -- -- twelve finalists and we. To help -- the one -- win a trip to Australia this fried chicken with and getting screwed -- -- FaceBook dot com slash -- million -- challenge to vote. Some wonderfully -- -- check out those baby -- -- yourself it's about FaceBook dot com it's back slash million moms challenged the winner. We'll go to Australia to get her newborns portrait done about this amazing photographer. And the Disney -- owned by our parent company is providing some wonderful gifts from the final ago while on invoke your -- one.

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{"duration":"0:37","description":"One lucky mom will win a free photo shoot with Anne Geddes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15104676","title":"Vote for Your Favorite Baby Bump!","url":"/GMA/video/vote-favorite-baby-bump-15104676"}