Vroom! Motorcycle Wakeup Goes Viral

Josh, Sam an Lara share a funny video of a prank used to wake up one snoring man.
3:18 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vroom! Motorcycle Wakeup Goes Viral
We -- -- plan but yeah let's democrats' plan today. What we got -- to make some plays and -- know are all about that a lot of what do you what's your what are your alarm clock. Salado. Mine is on the -- -- that one that's like. Gets the gets louder and higher that would value. -- This sort of Arnold. Isn't -- -- little -- -- denying it starts Chilean minister it's bland and you don't really -- -- scares me and definitely scares -- against actually have -- -- get me off the -- at night to go to bed in the -- let me -- me -- I don't have a man in. Fluffy like well a -- down on the idea on the -- -- hot on -- is that when we. We we we -- at saint. What I would -- eyewitness what I would practice -- plays ever wakes up a copy and what exactly do you like personalized weather cast into doubt you. Yeah and it's loving I don't like to have a morning tomato I get I get -- -- she gets up in towels and water the flowers and make coffee on the fluffy like -- -- heating season of -- -- -- the house and make sure I'll just make sure that everything's you know still pills -- fly off to. In all elementary in Antarctica. Near an incredible hit pretty incredible -- Google is animated Josh is costing you I don't know I learned of them in the comment out from under the blankets in the polls kind of but didn't exist -- -- -- the windows out and I look that's continental. The follow that's low that's and that's an outside -- -- -- That's a low. Lying I straddled a necklace and I'm like yeah -- -- -- with the visibility and wondering and worrying about as it -- legitimate problem. Thank you will never see but it was much better and spoken word and current so alarm clock so a -- -- just. It says to pause that's an unfit parents thoughtful on whatever you're -- not buying -- -- didn't. Here's what -- -- hope and pray that. Do you use I need your friends I adding those -- -- about -- doing something positive there was like I'll do it especially the collegiate years. We he never wanted to falsely especially around any other sleep -- one you just aboard -- When -- that coming for him markers and yeah motorbikes and a bedroom that makes have you ever been written on -- I may have -- count on that path. I'm here tonight -- -- in an op ivy I was a cave in Kentucky and that was like that was death. It could go to sleep and didn't lock your door it was a I gotta gotta be honest if you lock your door but didn't -- your windows yeah. They might -- 281 night went to -- and told believe did not know woke up going to class. Hey. Big big they did. And had -- nodes and was. -- Yeah yeah. This story probably won't do this to reach other on now -- challenge bonded very soon rob no probably not a minute with --

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{"id":19083319,"title":"Vroom! Motorcycle Wakeup Goes Viral","duration":"3:18","description":"Josh, Sam an Lara share a funny video of a prank used to wake up one snoring man.","url":"/GMA/video/vroom-motorcycle-wakeup-viral-19083319","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}