Waitress Hit by Car in Alleged Dine-and-Dash Crime

Nashville police say Felishia Bridges intentionally ran over the Applebee's employee after not paying her bill.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Waitress Hit by Car in Alleged Dine-and-Dash Crime
It's -- to skip out on the bill but buried a police say this woman took -- -- not allowable. By allegedly bonding over an employee of this popular restaurant chain she -- We have this type of things periodically where people that will not play either of tea but. -- we haven't had anybody. Try to run over somebody because. Nineteen year old Felicia -- was arrested Saturday. Police say she left the Applebee's on Thompson lane near I 65 with her quite his 26 -- Daniel T -- After eating -- when he dollar meal and tried to -- without paying the tab. Authorities say some employees and customers attempted to stop the -- from taking off. Which -- -- dangerous term. According to witnesses. The suspect driver of the vehicle intentionally. Rammed. Though white church employee of the restaurant could knock -- over the vehicle. Police found the getaway vehicle moments later across the street from the restaurant. Bridges has been charged with aggravated assault Humphrey was not charged for the incident but was charged -- violating his order protection. Which was filed by none other than his detonate bridges. -- wish for awhile Victorian dollars. Burial police chief Robert Bennett spoke with the nineteen year old employee who is currently at a state with family recovering from her injuries. Fortunately she's expected to make a full recovery. She was very brave. But I don't recommend people trying to stop people that. But are your -- not manage to save the Applebee's employees probably had a pretty good reason why she chased after the alleged swindler. Typically there's so many rocks. In a restaurant -- -- check -- the service held responsible for that ticket. Mike looking -- the calypso cafe on Thompson lane is not the -- with Applebee's policies but says also harm others trying to make a living. Are heartless. And fortunately those people who are beyond help -- very hill -- grandest Nashville's news two.

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{"id":23054001,"title":"Waitress Hit by Car in Alleged Dine-and-Dash Crime","duration":"3:00","description":"Nashville police say Felishia Bridges intentionally ran over the Applebee's employee after not paying her bill.","url":"/GMA/video/waitress-hit-by-car-in-alleged-dine-and-dash-crime-23054001","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}