Glitch Causes to Seriously Roll Back Prices

The company offered a $10 gift card to customers whose "too cheap to be true" orders were cancelled.
2:18 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Glitch Causes to Seriously Roll Back Prices
And moving, now, to a major website glitch for walmart. The snafu seriously rolling back prices. Letting some shoppers think, operative word, think they were snagging electronics for nex to nothing. Abc's rob nelson has more on that story. Good morning, rob. Reporter: It was an outright gold rush on walmart's website yesterday, with customers scrambling to grab deals that seemed too good to be true. Just one small problem. They were. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. A lesson being learned the hard way today, by walmart customers who thought they had found some truly unbelievable deals. A 20-inch computer monitor for $8.85. A normally $600 projector for just $8.99. A motorized car for kids at just 29 bucks. I was excited to see these crazy deals. Reporter: Word began to spread like wildfire on twitter. One guy boasting this $2,000 tv he picked up for 330 bucks. But this was no early christmas special. These dramatically slashed prices were all the result of a glitch in walmart's website. Not only had the wacky pricing problems been corrected by late wednesday. But the retail giant is also saying it will not honor the mislabeled purchases that are due to be shipped. In a statement, a walmart spo spokesperson said, that we're notifying the customers that they're orders have been canceled. They'll be refunded in full. I think it's unfair that the families unable to get the deals and purchases they were hoping on. Reporter: At one point, a can of lysol was going for more than 92 bucks. And this spider-man toy for the little ones, was marked at more than $330. Meanwhile, customers who thought they were clicking their way to some monster deals will soon face a reality and price check. Now, the news may not be all bad here. Walmart did say the customers whose orders are being canceled will be treated to a $10 electronic gift card. The store refused to say how many erroneous purchases may have been placed. Thank you, rob. Now, the latest bombshell on head injuries in the nfl. One of the greatest running

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{"id":20813649,"title":"Glitch Causes to Seriously Roll Back Prices","duration":"2:18","description":"The company offered a $10 gift card to customers whose \"too cheap to be true\" orders were cancelled.","url":"/GMA/video/walmart-glitch-website-roll-back-prices-20813649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}