Walmart Workers Threaten a Black-Friday Walkout

Workers protesting labor practices threaten the most profitable day of the year.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Walmart Workers Threaten a Black-Friday Walkout
Josh, thanks. Now, to a shakeup at walmart. Workers walked off the job this week. Now, they're threatening a walkout on the super bowl of shopping days, black friday. Abc's steve osunsami has the latest from atlanta. Reporter: Walmart workers may be known for their smiles. But these walmart associates are decidedly unhappy. I'll come back and they'll tell me, you're fired. I said, what for? I didn't do anything. Reporter: First, taking their grievance to the sidewalk outside the store. Then, on to the walmart mothership in arkansas, where they were told we'll talk to you individually but not as a group. Now, they're promising to walk out and picket on the holiest of days in retail. That magical friday after thanksgiving, when flat-screens sell out in 17 minutes. And walmart registers ring up a breathtaking 4,000 sales each second. Outside los angeles, walmart associates greg and charlene fletcher say they want better play, health benefits for part-time employees. And most importantly, they want walmart to stop pushing out workers who threaten to unionize. They're so out of touch with their associates, they don't realize how many associates are unhappy. Reporter: We talked with company managers, hurt and offended. Telling us these are great jobs. That most of their 1.4 million workers are very happy. And that a few are threatening to walk. We think there's a few associates that have some concerns. But they don't represent the views of the 1.3 million associates we have in the united states. Reporter: But if it were possible, to shut walmart down on black friday, experts say it would be devastating. Potentially, a $312 million hit on friday alone. For walmart to lose its most profitable day of the year, it would be devastating on black friday. And continue to be devastating on the days and possibly years ahead. Reporter: Which would, of course, be great news for target and costco. But with 4,000 walmart stores across the country, those workers would need a great deal of help to slow things down. George and amy? Sure would. Steve, thanks very much.

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{"id":17461845,"title":"Walmart Workers Threaten a Black-Friday Walkout","duration":"3:00","description":"Workers protesting labor practices threaten the most profitable day of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/walmart-workers-threaten-black-friday-walkout-17461845","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}