'War Horse' From Theatre to Movie Screen

Director Steven Spielberg's new movie receiving award buzz before it opens.
2:59 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'War Horse' From Theatre to Movie Screen
-- The movie and you can in the warmly during. Chile's -- I don't. Good to -- him. I see what's in -- that I was -- How all here Melissa. Temperatures. The accident but what you nineteenth Olympic the most twenty -- and I'm strong sir inaudible Friedman and -- qualifications moment. The law was very clear about the properties facility. -- there from Steven Spielberg's war -- it doesn't open till Christmas -- but it's sort of been nominated for best picture. At the Golden Globes the -- movie also marks the big screen debut. And break of a lifetime for the young and you just saw Jeremy Irvine is now. Welcome him. So let me get this right. The last thing you played before starting -- Steven Steven Spielberg movie is a tree yet yet tree and industrialists say there are seven dollars. Yet to finish 799 sellers and I'm not kind of -- my friends and an economy saying you know countries is going to be a tree and -- will conferencing. Super conscious than that are real treat but -- that worked so hard at this you auditioned again and again and again and finally. You get word that Steven Spielberg himself. Washington seeing you for and I wish you yes you know who senate vocal in my I think saying condemning -- diversity -- -- -- -- -- yes. The idea I kind of every -- through June kind of freaked out in -- hurricane yet terrified peninsula much for them. He had -- the -- I think the greatest asset -- seems to have accounts and as -- -- since his ability to me feel so comfortable you know around and the way he made you feel comfortable I loved the story you walking for the allegations. I had a script it's also pressure administrative yeah -- -- this this -- with my agent -- -- movements in releasing -- yeah yeah he gets nuisance to another edition of in addition about two months of this is -- -- normal by this morning and different camera -- there must be spontaneously give me peace groups and senator incentive to imprecise and actual you know would have since -- -- And yeah and the Chris excellence and -- must not reason commitments and -- -- -- -- -- reactor. Joey Joey -- because we've put Alvin feature film war that is how you found that the ability to get -- within me finding out which is an embarrassing and we'll never see it -- that. I'm sure we'll see it one day couldn't. Tell us quickly this is a story that every young. Moves in Britain girls of course yeah I mean you know through because -- some -- -- from our parents and you know it's I think is something that. Of those kids that things that you can relate seen -- -- proprietor -- run for children. It's I think you know I've whose husbands children friends and -- best friend brother or sister and we do some of a much most like to have that take knowing from you and -- -- the backdrop for the first Oval Office. And incredibly gripping story and this was your first interview as well promoting the -- -- -- -- like everyone lowers opens on Christmas Day.

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{"id":15188016,"title":"'War Horse' From Theatre to Movie Screen","duration":"2:59","description":"Director Steven Spielberg's new movie receiving award buzz before it opens. ","url":"/GMA/video/war-horse-theatre-movie-screen-15188016","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}