Warm Up Your Wardrobe With Fashion Staples Under $80

InStyle magazine's Dana Avidan Cohn showcases some good deals for warmer weather.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Transcript for Warm Up Your Wardrobe With Fashion Staples Under $80
Heart be still. Spring financially starts in three days. It's been such a rough winter. We want to spring ahead into summer. We have three great item this is morning. Each under $80. With minor changes, those pieces can carry you into warmer weather, whenever it finally comes. With us, in the senior market editor for "Instyle" magazine. Danna, we've been showing in the three pieces. The white dress. A staple. The model, Lexie, wearing the simple white dress. Okay. This looks like something you could wear today. It's chilly. We paired it with sheer tights and a topper coat. The beautiful embellishment at the neckline. You can almost wear it year round. This is something you can wear to dinner with a bright clutch. We want to move it forward into summer. Swap out the coat for a motor vest. Looks very chic for downtown. A little tweak here and there. You could wear the jacket on it own, too. Lexie, thank you very much. The next look, the graphic coat. Which is very popular. It's a graphic coat. It's subtle. Bold stripes in Navy and black. I like this look for right now. This is something you could wear to a creative office. It's a take on a menswear trend. Just under $80. Now we spring into summer. Oh, wow. Now she's like ready for summer. This is a great summer work look. A graphic skirt on. What works is the color palate of three. You can mix sprints with the same three colors. Look at her big smile. She knows she's looking good. That is a great look. The third item for under $80 is -- It's under $20. No, way. It's from forever 21. A bright, graphic leopard pript. A statement skirt. Do simple pairings like a cropped trench and a menswear broach. Does this scream summer. You could wear this when it's hot out. She's got the amazing pop yellow bag. And a nude sandal that elongates the leg. The heel is not superhigh because of the short skirt. You said that skirt is under $20? It's under $20. Can all THR Can all three come out? You want to sample piece but to be able to add to it. What would be your advice? Just pick something you know you'll get a lot of use out of. Something you can wear throughout the season. It doesn't have to be the statement skirt. It can be as simple as the robe coach if you're a little scaled back, make it more subtle. Keep hope alive. It will happen. Thank you so much, as always. Go to goodmorningamerica.com

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{"id":22939020,"title":"Warm Up Your Wardrobe With Fashion Staples Under $80","duration":"3:00","description":"InStyle magazine's Dana Avidan Cohn showcases some good deals for warmer weather.","url":"/GMA/video/warm-wardrobe-fashion-staples-80-22939020","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}