Wartime Letters Have Homecoming After 69 Years

A soldier's World War II letter to his wife makes its way to their son.
2:00 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Wartime Letters Have Homecoming After 69 Years
How are you -- your mail hasn't been reaching -- lately and an awfully anxious to hear from a sweet letter from a soldier to his wife. It was from my father Chris can balance. He was in Italy -- analysis father sent it to his mother an Arlington Virginia during World War II. I finally found time to sit down and write you a letter it's a gesture of love a sign of the times but for some reason the letter got lost and only just arrived in -- mailbox in Sacramento county here's another remarkable thing about the story this letter was postmarked. June -- third. 69 years ago today. The June 23 1944. So how in the world -- the letter finally get to chuck good morning to you over there these sky we connect to the John Armstrong. The man in Australia that found a pair of letters sent by checks -- John is a stamp collector who bought the letters from a dealer. But -- who Second World War rebellion but -- -- it. Then went over to move brought relief -- that didn't look that they've opened. Jon says a quick search online for the senders name eventually led to shock the sun and so -- person -- you. Because. That would let the world we have an early exit would be used like the perfect since. Put put something really wouldn't they -- it wouldn't be the chuck says it was a rush to -- his father's handwriting and to read his words the. It was. Have been an emotional. In I feel like I felt like child you can -- I don't think I will be able to recognize Charlie. Chuck says the letters mean a lot because his father never talked about his experiences and war having read this that's got a sense of world weary wasn't prepared it was so wonderful child to have this -- -- history from his family because they're both his parents -- gone check and his wife are amazed at Johns generosity is -- very very kind. -- When a massive heart.

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{"id":19504701,"title":"Wartime Letters Have Homecoming After 69 Years","duration":"2:00","description":"A soldier's World War II letter to his wife makes its way to their son.","url":"/GMA/video/wartime-letters-have-homecoming-after-69-years-19504701","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}