Watch Josh Groban Face Off With Nick Lachey in 'GMA' Jukebox Jam

Singer-songwriter Groban announces new album to be released on April 28.
6:11 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Watch Josh Groban Face Off With Nick Lachey in 'GMA' Jukebox Jam
as if we always knew ? ? and I won't forget what I did for love ? ? what I did for love ? Yeah, josh groban and I going nuts, love this song, so happy -- A little lip-sync battle. You won big time. That is the premiere of josh groban's brand-new video "What I did for love" his rendition from the legend musical "A chorus line" a song I sing often. You can belt it and the whole video is on our website. Thank you for doing that. The always fun multiplatinum actor extraordinaire and now game show possible winner. I see these daunting podiums over there and -- You have a very able-bodied competitor coming in who we will reveal momentarily but we do -- you just saw the video and you have a very special announcement you were kind enough to bring to us here at "Gma." So tell the grobanites of the world. It's been -- I'm pregnant. No, I -- Whoo, man, that is -- can we -- We're here for you. Anything else you want to get off your chest? Plenty but -- I, no, it's been incredible year. Been in the studio working on this labor of love. This album is -- when I first started it in this business, I was kind of plucked from a musical theater background. These songs have meant so much to me and been working on this record of songs from the musical stage for the last year and so it's coming out April 28th. Wul be right here at "Gma." On the day and singing -- When it drop. Not lip-syncing but singing my heart out. Will you sing that song? ? What I did -- If that's your special request, I will try to satisfy that request. Oh, I hope so. It's going to be great. We're going to go on a little tour, as well. That was the other big announcement. I was going to give you a big lead-up. He's going on tour. We're going on tour. Yes. See you there. Yes, America. We're going to find some really great old theaters and stuff around the country and really design a really nice show around the album. It's all about Broadway. Yeah. Classics, what is your very favorite Broadway musical? Well, I mean, when I grew up, when I was a kid I was kind of raised on sondheim and took me to "Sunday in the park with George" and then, you know, the first song I ever sang to get into this business was a duet called "All I ask of you" to record full circle with Kelly Clarkson on this new cd is really an amazing experience so -- "All I ask of you" is to come on over here. It is time, America. We need to bring in your competitor. I have a competitor? Nick lachey, everybody. Popped in. I know I'm violating the restraining order by being here. You are, indeed. I was across the street and saw you walk in. Let's have a little game. Are we going to compete on this. You're going down, groban. You're going down. All right. Want to tell everybody nick has to get back to his day job, vh-1's kwig morning buzz live. Thanks for popping in. Keep it clean. This is "Gma's" jukebox jam. I give a clue. You hear a snippet, first person to buzz gets the point. Extra points if you sing any bit of that song and we begin. Can we trade in the points for plush toys? Yes. And that's disturbing. Excellent. Number one. Something tells me the singers of this first song didn't actually study meteorology alongside our own ginger zee. ? For the first time -- Lachey. ? It's raining men hallelujah it's raining ? Never thought I'd sing "It's raining men" on national TV. I might have let you have that one, nick. This 1990 song has been covered by Alvin and the chipmunks the "Glee" cast and weird Al. Play it. ? A she's a super freak superfreak superfreaky now ? I'm very sorry. "You can't touch this." I was hoping -- from the original. Go ahead. Play it, everybody. That's super freak. Is that super freak. ? My my my ? No. ? ? makes me sing oh my lord ? That's it. Now we know what it is. That's worth like two points just doing that. It's really early. Control room, two points. Put on your disco shoes this song heard on the soundtrack for the 1978 movie "Thank god it's Friday." ? Whoo ? ? last dance last dance for love ? Yeah. There we go. I listen to audio books. I'm not familiar -- I'm not familiar with tunes. Giving myself quite a reputation with those answers. Final question, everybody. Groban, you better getting going here. Crashing a few weddings made this video a smash hit. ? My broken pieces you pick them up ? Come on, groban. Hang, hanging I'm getting some ? Rhymes with maroon five. Well, I know the band but -- Trying to think of the song name. Isn't it "Sugar." I get that point. So I don't know who won, really. -- Nick definitely won. Lachey. Representing vh-1 this morning. Got to be -- Better win. Where can everybody see you. I will cherish this forever. Thank you very much. Where can everybody see you. 9:00 live on vh-1. Right across the street. There you go. Great to see you. We'll see you -- Thank you. April 28th. The album drops on tour thank you, josh groban. Coming up, Vanessa Hudgens,

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Singer-songwriter Groban announces new album to be released on April 28.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29551843","title":"Watch Josh Groban Face Off With Nick Lachey in 'GMA' Jukebox Jam","url":"/GMA/video/watch-josh-groban-face-off-nick-lachey-gma-29551843"}