5 Ways a Stick Figure Can Help You Keep Your Job

Visual tips from Dan Roam to make your job recession-proof.
3:59 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for 5 Ways a Stick Figure Can Help You Keep Your Job
But -- stick figure actually help you to keep your job visual business consultant Dan -- -- -- and he's here. With a few simple pictures that could boost your job security. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sell you want -- grabbed a pat and attend just like you got there and start drying and you stay at our first stick figure. Should focus on Hulu and that means you. Exactly. So we're gonna do five stick figures five ways these little figures -- -- help us save our job so number one. Erect or we want to -- and that is going to be. Do in this case it's going to be me the reason we want to draw stick figure ourselves as if we just think about ourselves we really want to try to imagine what makes us. Completely irreplaceable. And the best way to find that is to really think through who are we what we look like. Draw little stick figure and in the case of me I might say this is me. And what makes me irreplaceable is the fact that I seem to be really good at making really really complex things. Really simple. -- -- picture number one. Now stick figure number two yet is going to be -- say you say dryer box number two yeah that's right number two is. Draw the white which is going to be your boss because what -- I need to do. To make sure that I support my boss job security number one comes from making sure that I provide. Some support for my boss so what it looks like -- like. Alex like you've got a happy box there that bought -- happy because I make things simple and she looks. All right number three use a -- where you -- -- in. That's right OK so the next thing has -- -- a -- to where you fit within your company where do you fit within the business. That's right now everybody's really concerned that you know management. Is looking to cut hands but we've got it backwards. If I can prove that I am irreplaceable high needs to be visible if I'm hiding down here in the corner trench war for mentality. That's where I'm most likely to get a bomb -- onion get thrown out of there I need to be visible Michelle Holland irreplaceable. Which brings me to picture number full or. They'll win picture which we'd -- timing is always very important and you wanna be aware of that time -- so that you can really define your way. That's right the way I like to think about it is let's take sort of a nine month timeline. Because let's face it no matter where we -- work right now nine months from now things are going to be different. So I think we should draw ourselves little time line that says in 9 months what am I going to do I'm either going to move up within my organization. I'm going to move across my organization or I am going to intentionally move out of my organization. Those -- the ways I want us to think confident enough to know when things need that. Half -- right last -- number five news stay where else may who else number I -- that. Yeah wells. We've already on ourselves and now we all notice when it comes -- job security were all thinking well okay worst case scenario what happens if I lose my job. Who are the people I know who can help me who -- my network. I want us to draw out that network. -- those people. And then realized the most important thing -- -- when it really comes to job security it's not so much who can help us. But who are the people that we -- -- and when we know that there are people we can help and we can give ourselves. We're going to be able to keep -- And that's perhaps the most important one of ought to be doing now ongoing basis. I'm not to wait nine months until you expect change to happen but to be doing stop all along that you can actually make change happen. That is exactly right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely and you could -- so much more. -- -- -- his insights in his latest which is lot lot lot what did you win words don't work.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Visual tips from Dan Roam to make your job recession-proof. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14874962","title":"5 Ways a Stick Figure Can Help You Keep Your Job","url":"/GMA/video/ways-dan-roams-stick-figure-job-14874962"}