Weather Could Impact Your Memorial Day Weekend

Linzie Janis, Jason Nicholas track the latest weather news across the country.
3:23 | 05/24/14

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Transcript for Weather Could Impact Your Memorial Day Weekend
and We are now going to switch gears and turn to what is a kickoff to memorial day weekend. Millions of Americans taking to the roads, rail and sky to celebrate the start of summer but could nasty weather rain on their parade? Linzie, good morning. Good night. Overnight storms made it difficult for travelers trying to start their memorial day weekend get-away. Most people, nearly 32 million are driving, some of them facing flooded roads. For those that flew, they faced delays. Turbulent weather from coast to coast, breaking havoc. Slamming New York City's freedom tower and empire state building with lightning starts. And severe storms brought major flooding, shutting down streets and highways. It's like the "Titanic" when there was flooding and the water was coming in. Reporter: This man was shocked to see floodwaters at his boat dock. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, hail and rain fell on rush hour traffic sending people running for cover. Midwest hit hard as well. In St. Louis, Missouri, drivers maneuvering through water so high it's impossible to see and South Carolina, hail the size of baseballs. The severe weather getting the best of travelers both driving and flying for a weekend get-away. In the air, more than 3,700 domestic and international flights delayed with more than 300 outright canceled. There's no let-up in sight with even more rain, hail, and severe storms on the way. Memorial day weekend is already one of the most deadly to be on the roads. The storms making it extra important for drivers to be careful. Dan and bianna, one of the reasons so many nor people are on the road this year because of the long, hard went I. We're Ra ready for a break. The weather doesn't want to give us one. What else is coming up weather wise this holiday weekend? Let's check in with meteorologist Jason Nicholas from Cleveland station. Good morning. Great to be here. A lot of wet weather. Memorial day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. Take a look at this video out of Loveland, Colorado. North of Denver. Three straight days of flooding, severe weather. More than four inches of rain fell through the overnight. Big travel troubles. This wet weather will continue. Heavy rain and flooding. Take a look. From Albuquerque, Abilene, over towards midland. Some areas, 2 to 4 inches of rain. The most rain some areas of Texas have seen all year here. More rain across the middle part of our country. Meanwhile we warm things up across the east. A few showers lingering across new England. As we head into Monday, things shift a little closer into the great lake, in the Mississippi, Ohio river valley with rain in the forecast. A complete look of weather coming up in a few moments. Jason, thank you. We'll turn overseas now. Pope Francis has arrived in the

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Linzie Janis, Jason Nicholas track the latest weather news across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23854672","title":"Weather Could Impact Your Memorial Day Weekend","url":"/GMA/video/weather-impact-memorial-day-weekend-23854672"}