Northeast Hit With More Than a Foot of Snow

50 million people were in the path of a storm that brought bitter cold, wind and blinding snow.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Northeast Hit With More Than a Foot of Snow
He certainly didn't have to go far a state of emergency was declared a new York New Jersey Tennessee money of people having trouble right here officially. It's all -- -- -- we got close to 11 inches in Central Park but look what happens. When you -- -- and the snow clouds with a big issue is what I have to add to what piles all over the city this morning. And look at the numbers from around the region I want to show you. Philadelphia thirteen point five inches places in Massachusetts close to a foot and a half. And look at Boston just -- -- five inches are of course still snowing just south of them. DC on the lower end. But some parts of Virginia and Maryland up to eight the wind -- is going to be good but next big issue my -- thirty certain freeze twelve below what it feels like here but -- in Chicago from Texas to Maine windchill advisories. While this then this is gonna stick a look at Plymouth Massachusetts that's exactly where we find our geo Benitez still fighting the wind and snow out -- Good morning to -- -- yet this wind is really hammering us and remember I was in Chicago during that last polar vortex that last. Ruined her freeze though we had here and this is still like nothing we've seen before let's take a look great here with -- yardstick we got the -- listen between ten and thirteen -- some parts of Plymouth County house of fifteen inches of snow. It is just -- here and this is really causing a mass on the roads right now. Ice road anarchy that. Drivers from Illinois to Massachusetts this morning spinning sliding and struggling. It's so yeah yeah and really it's aunts and flooding every -- In Roxbury township New Jersey this charter bus losing control on the icy road and plunging on its side down an embankment. Reportedly injuring three people. A similar scene northwest of Boston -- tractor trailer jumped a guardrail. Barreling onto the road below. And -- -- multi vehicle pileup in central Indiana shut down this highway for hours. And this car just outside Washington DC. Losing control on the Arctic -- Four vehicles still on the road. Those brakes just won't work. And blinding snow dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. Watch -- sudden wide out east of Chicago caused this person to virtually disappear. Only to reappear just inches from the -- -- watch again the driver unable to see this pedestrian until the very last second. And overnight in New York City the iconic 32 foot blast Cuban casing. Apple's flagship store shattered. Reportedly by a passing snow -- reports say the panel cost an estimated 445000. Dollars to fix. And apple might want to get that fix quickly since the store has become would have New York city's most photographed attractions. And take a look behind me that bay that famous -- here is just completely frozen over the feels like temperature right now nine degrees but I gotta tell -- it feels much colder than that ginger. And it will feel colder for a long time to come that's exactly what I -- -- Italian -- and everybody else let's look at that storm. Where it's killing when it finally pulls away from the -- and leaves us all alone. Will be. Early this morning through the afternoon hours but the -- the cold -- what sticks behind and we are going to keep that the numbers are just ridiculous yes it's late January but these are certainly below average look at that Arctic air. Green Bay we'll wake up to 2 Friday morning Boston five even Riley. At thirteen George right here in New York City we're at 26 inches sixteen inches above where we should be at this time. And that -- thank you ginger that means a lot of messy roads WBZ's rob Nelson out there right now good morning rob. Well good morning to you George -- -- driving out here in Queens the last few hours really and we -- the main roads that look pretty good to be quite honest but as always in a storm like this the side roads are the real test drove through a couple of streets. In this part of town that really are still snow covered and because it's so brutally cold out a lot of patchy ice facing morning commuters today and of course this is a big test for the new hire a New York City build -- Bellagio. This is the second storm that he's had to deal with since taking office also a big decision today to keep new York city schools -- so that verdict is not in just yet but a lot of depends on how will how safely those kids get to school in of course employees get to work over the next few hours as the morning rush really begins to heat up but a very cold and snowy New York City.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"50 million people were in the path of a storm that brought bitter cold, wind and blinding snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21619832","title":"Northeast Hit With More Than a Foot of Snow","url":"/GMA/video/weather-news-northeast-hit-foot-snow-21619832"}