New Weather Pattern Shows Lack of Snow

A year after one of the snowiest winters, December 2011 has seen little snow.
3:02 | 12/29/11

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Transcript for New Weather Pattern Shows Lack of Snow
Turning now to something missing in many parts of the country it's snow. This time last year too much of the white stuff was the headline but this -- snow was been scarce and businesses that depend on all that white are missing a lot of Green. We turn out to Sam Champion help us understand what's going on -- -- Hey good morning Elizabeth and -- most of us -- remember last winter correctly as colder than normal with these big burst of snow and in the -- that followed. We had twelve natural disasters in this country each -- with the billion dollar price tag or more. So we've had droughts we've had tornadoes but we just haven't had snow since last winter. Remember still apocalypse and Sonoma getting. The last winter was one of record snowfalls ferocious winds and extreme cold. This is New York City this year one of the warmest and wettest on record. Chicago last winter brought to its knees with a blizzard twenty inches of snow and 61 mile per hour win director of Chicago -- about 42 miles an hour. A graveyard of cars on the windy city's lakeshore drive. Look at it now today's forecast early -- didn't mostly sunny with a high of 44. Last winter so much snow fell in Minneapolis the metro -- roof collapsed. This week the golf courses are pack my breasts and Everett golf and in -- -- I'm Andy -- and in Madison Wisconsin it's shaping up to be their tenth warmest December on record. Been amazing to actually. At the end of the -- to be working in baseball caps actually so it's that's been great. -- outside last December over 52% of the country was buried under a white blanket today less than half that. Just 25% of the US has snow on the ground. Why all the jet stream has been farther north never reaching most of the country that means no cold air. And no snow ski resorts coast to coast are practically Barrett. The first time 27 years that we haven't had snow for Christmas week and snowplow businesses are praying for a white January and February it's been pretty tonight. We haven't been doing much. In truth a lot of the snow last year came after January and February started but these not these records across the country -- street. Look also at Reno about a 128 -- record getting ready to be broken there with no snow in December that hasn't happened in 120 years. Buffalo is thirty inches below normal and there's no fault and then here's that jetstream pattern where he. The cold there -- every now and then dipped into the northwest but never really made it solidly in the most of the country so every storm system that moves across the country it's warm enough to -- the form of rain and not snow. But there's a really good sign that we're about to shift into colder pattern -- there. For instance for the time again next week -- got colder air from the Arctic kind of working into the Great Lakes and northern New England. But tomorrow morning in this morning we got some cold air in -- now 25 degrees in New York 32 in Washington DC in the northwest a wet pocket of -- -- -- to Reno also to Medford. That's the weather around the nation.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"A year after one of the snowiest winters, December 2011 has seen little snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15252070","title":"New Weather Pattern Shows Lack of Snow","url":"/GMA/video/weather-pattern-shows-lack-snow-15252070"}