Plastic Surgery Latest Trend for Brides

Many brides are opting to get breast lifts or liposuction before the big day.
4:44 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Plastic Surgery Latest Trend for Brides
-- the new -- now to the newest trend for brides many of them started to take the something new aspect of the wedding. Very seriously turning to the plastic surgeon before heading -- on the island ABC Cecilia Vega is here. What that story we should reserve judgment until we see -- -- -- always sometimes think she's it she's she's a nice girl let me talk about the smells like. He might -- to the -- to tone up before their wedding day maybe even -- -- a diet to lose a few pounds but for many brides getting a breathless liposuction before. Today is as important as finding the perfect dress. Ready a dream come. According and I am not every would be bride goes through its list. The cake the flowers the dressed and plastic surgeon. Sounds right in their bridal beauty and more women are now so -- -- to a little net and time. Even hasn't -- and a reality TV show bridal plastic. Lindsey -- has always dreamt of being best picture perfect bride. It is her day to shine an -- on can all eyes on her. Aaron turns around and it's just like it's so beautiful look at her my gosh. Put until recently Lindsay says that seemed like a distant fantasy you've struggled with weight. For a long time. I remember. Walking into the plus store and just the realization of trying on the jeans size twenty it was. The the most depressing thing in the world. Through diet and exercise she shed most of those extra pounds. As a subtle thing Wayne I actually had a face and hell wasn't just. You know three -- are -- now -- start seeing this person underneath all the skin my daughter says. Warming your pretty but there was also a downside to losing so much weight -- extra skin in this whole area much. -- her fiance Alex finally popped the question. For Lindsay there was just one place to go away the plastic surgeon's office you're having a -- attack and -- brass -- instead of going on. I know it sounds crazy but it is the worst thing in the world you literally -- like three tank tops just hold our year. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's worth it for me. And -- not the only one doctor ten only Lawton says she treats as many as five -- to be a month. For some it's as simple as a Botox injection for others it's enough to make a bride blush. Have you had a -- come in and paid -- to 151000 dollars before her wedding I have. A lot of money for a lot a lot of money we want to make sure the patients doing this for the right reasons they're doing it themselves not just for the fiance or any other motive what is your fiance. He wants whatever I want good -- her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her -- wedding just months away we decided to tag along when Lindsay visiting -- leave bridal boutique in Orange County isn't the first time greatest. I don't know wedding dress what could take a look and see how she would. And this is concerned I have is definitely -- exploded in mid section. So where my hips are bolting out -- of -- right here. Doctor Martin hopes to change all that this is home. And then finally the time has come clean he tries to keep it light. -- -- -- -- Back home to recovery is at first difficult. Last kind of flying. Horrible horrible horrible -- My neighbors in. I. Sir walking today and six weeks later. Lindsay went from this to this. He tighter more slender body and the bride -- nearly 20000 dollar plastic surgery budget is about the cost of her entire wedding. Now she has no regrets. I really am not happy with the results an Olympian. So off we know. He would do a lot of work together here that -- -- there was very -- that feeling everything just sits inside. I just want my day to be like I have to fill the -- yesterday. And doctors say anyone considering this type of surgery before her wedding needs to get to the doctor's office early maybe even right after they popped the question Robert you've got to get time to heal from all the circuit before I coming you know what -- -- a personal choice everyone's different -- we miss -- -- -- -- -- looks great with a look at the something that you would consider. -- George him she she changed my mind a little bit I have to admit the.

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{"id":15278866,"title":"Plastic Surgery Latest Trend for Brides","duration":"4:44","description":"Many brides are opting to get breast lifts or liposuction before the big day.","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-trends-2012-liposuction-breast-lifts-brides-15278866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}