'Weeds' Star Discusses Oscar Nod, Meeting Clooney

Demian Bichir wowed audiences as a Mexican father working in the U.S. illegally.
4:01 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for 'Weeds' Star Discusses Oscar Nod, Meeting Clooney
The. And we are counting got Oscar Sunday now with a surprise pick for best actor is -- Brad Pitt and George Clooney a run for their money. Didn't issue you might -- from Showtime's weeds he is a superstar. In his native Mexico and he's earned his Oscar nod for playing a Mexican immigrant working his heart out for his son in a movie called. A better life he joins us now people. Congratulations it is such a powerful. Human performance in his shoes it was inspiring to watch thank -- is that it. -- The what we you'll think. The field. Moves you to tears and opens your mind and to just -- -- this -- it's it's just shine some light and I'm people who are either reviled -- invisible. In this country legally that is right in Mexico that is right and -- -- -- show is sending a scene where you're talking to your side. Who's right on the -- they don't know which way. Your son is -- -- you're talking to him about why you wanted to come here what you want for him. -- -- -- be able to be. Everything you wanted to be. That was made me feel -- If you became. Somebody. That's what I -- He said that character Carlos is one of the best -- you've ever seen. That is right the that you have this Mexican macho to become a bit small but America. Doing anything in his hands to overcome any obstacles to you whose son about a lot. That's moving in amounts really fantastic about the story of what it led nearly and you immersed yourself in that culture yet for this part tell us about -- Well first of -- -- gain entree to -- -- that I would do it again them to implement broad. -- and then -- you have to go because it doesn't care that you went on the streets you bought have but bid up thrived there. I have five -- that all of the Braves and I was got stumbling some -- my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- regularly in the United States may not know but you are like George Clooney. You're gonna screw everybody stops you of that tonight some Mexicans see you here -- -- wondering what happened. From. There was -- dead civilized five cents told me officials aren't working for years Iraq. Well I'm playing you know this thing about -- -- But all of us and it's a story about so many people here it was countrymen in the union right now -- -- -- your life has been must've been completely transformed since -- nomination and crazy and beautiful and grade ten that just talking to George Clooney and Brad -- the other day of the Oscars look no no I just go to lunch hey guys tell exactly. Well I'm I'm in -- -- eventually you know Brad this morning and of course and that they -- -- yeah. And -- -- and -- and then that was big French so we couldn't talk so much. But that -- and I -- Brad. -- -- -- -- 200 guys we were talking about some tequila -- from -- and some tequila I said that some tequila so they can talk great things about me. And they did. Trying to butter him up close -- coming up I know you've got. You've got to have a huge case of butterflies that just a couple of weeks. To go with keeping your mind a few working right up until the end of Mexico right now -- I'm just -- -- -- -- play in Mexico they're by Bruno my younger brother. Because then you know I -- I would be thinking about his balding guy can -- seven if he wasn't for that who can play either that death. Congratulations and good luck -- another you can all see a better life it's now -- dvd and Blu-ray. -- -- Oscar Sunday February 26 starting at 7 eastern 4 Pacific on ABC.

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{"id":15631108,"title":"'Weeds' Star Discusses Oscar Nod, Meeting Clooney","duration":"4:01","description":"Demian Bichir wowed audiences as a Mexican father working in the U.S. illegally.","url":"/GMA/video/weeds-star-demian-bichir-discusses-oscar-nomination-life-15631108","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}