Man Loses 200 Pounds After Bet With Wife

Jay Wornick loses 200 pounds after making bet with wife Angela.
1:57 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Man Loses 200 Pounds After Bet With Wife
To a bat with a stunning payoff here a man who was so overweight at the beginning of this year -- the -- did not register how much he weighed well he has completely. Transformed his life you're gonna see his amazing change lives in just a moment but first about we take a look at mr. I've been having my whole life I've never really knew what it was like -- not be an overweight person. This is -- -- next eleven months ago tipping the scales at 366. Pounds. That was probably just about the -- obvious I had done I mean I was in the worst -- of my life. His wife Angela had tried everything to motivate -- to lose weight to no avail. I used to eat everything there in the days right top 101000 -- no problem. No problem at all so for this past new years she decided that given the GM -- have to make a play to this competitive side. It wasn't that lets see who can lose the most amount of weight back fast tough -- for Jay to win sends an atypical night he would eat like lips. You know I was looking myself like I'm the main man -- one of the biggest state on the money -- usually when -- go to a nice steakhouse in California State I always ordered it. When you're looking at the time sodas which is about 2000 calories pasta potatoes with butter and -- things by 930 everybody be in bad. And I go to what I'd go down -- get to triple whopper with treason too spicy chicken sandwiches he also pork sandwiches right -- that doesn't even include. Launched for accessed snacks. He knew something. Had to change. I have three kids on -- -- a -- I wanna wanna list that was the motivation I needed you know there really look at myself and say okay I'm thirty if I don't do it now -- -- -- -- it. So to win the -- Jay buckle down and stuck to an intense fitness plan. I exercise six days a week two hours a day at the gym but finding foods like -- that were healthy and I just didn't --

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{"id":14923489,"title":"Man Loses 200 Pounds After Bet With Wife","duration":"1:57","description":"Jay Wornick loses 200 pounds after making bet with wife Angela.","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-bet-wife-14923489","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}